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One Minute Report
May 5, 2004

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Volume VII - #18
U.S. Library of Congress ISSN : 1543-0332

From The Baum Group files
10 Keys to Great Leadership

When GE's CEO Jeff Immelt teaches up-and-coming leaders
at the company's famed management-development center,
he runs through a checklist of what he calls "Things Leaders
Do."   In an interview with Fast Company, Immelt reveals his
own leadership checklist.

1. Personal Responsibility.

2. Simplify Constantly.

3. Understand Breadth, Depth, and Context.

4. The importance of alignment and time management.

5. Leaders learn constantly and also have to learn how to teach.

6. Stay true to your own style.

7. Manage by setting boundaries with freedom in the middle.

8. Stay disciplined and detailed.

9. Leave a few things unsaid.

10. Like people.

[Source : FastCompany.com]

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