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FREE classes offer up to the minute marketing strategies
for on-line (web site) and off-line businesses.

Pittsburgh, PA  --  Few people are prepared for the high speed
and competition of business (on and off-line).  With 50,000 new
web site names being registered each day, the din of openings
and announcements drowns out all but the most savvy business
marketers. How-to books and consultants are of little help.
Businesses are finding The Baum Group's on-line classes to
be a quick ticket to business success.

The average time for producing books about business promotion
is 18 months.   By the time the book appears the information is
already largely outdated.   Traditional marketing consultants offer
little insight into the non-stop world of business promotion.   What
is a small on-line and off-line business to do?

"We have found the only way to make it off-line and on the Net is
to teach businesses to better market themselves by providing them
with turnkey marketing strategies and materials, implementation
assistance even the motivation and inspiration to implement the
marketing which of course is essential and most businesses fall
short which consequently creates business-related stress reactions,"
says The Baum Group, marketing strategists and stress advisors.
Helping companies design effective marketing plans since 1995,
The Baum Group believes on-line classes are the best way to keep
businesses on top of the latest marketing tactics.   "We update our
classes often.  You really have to be that quick and responsive if
you want people to have the best cutting-edge promotional methods."

By the time class participants finish, they have planned and started
a successful marketing campaign.   "People see an immediate increase
in traffic and sales," The Baum Group point out.   Students can ask
questions and get feedback from the instructors.

The Baum Group liken the experience to working with a $150 per hour

Students can begin at any time and the classes are free.   See the web
page at

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