Re-Sell Rights Terms and Conditions

You can sell as many copies of this StressGuide as you wish and keep 100% of the money you make from it.

You cannot give this StressGuide away for free except as a Bonus to another product that you're selling.

Re-Sell Rights must come as a bonus to the StressGuide.

You cannot sell the Re-Sell Rights separately from the StressGuide.

You cannot sell the StressGuide on its own without the Re-Sell Rights.

You cannot sell the StressGuide for less than US$1999.

You can set a higher price if you wish, but US$1999. is the recommended price.

You cannot edit or modify this StressGuide in any way.

You can only re-sell the electronic version of this StressGuide.

You cannot re-sell the printed version.

You cannot re-sell this StressGuide on or on any other auction sites.

You cannot use Spam to re-sell this StressGuide in any circumstances.

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