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Bioenergetic Analysis
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Bioenergetic Stress Analysis
Biology of Cancer
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Cancer and Diet Research
Cancer and Stress
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Exposure to Carcinogens
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Motivation and Stress
What is Energy? 
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Q: What is Bioenergetic Analysis?

A: Thank you for your interest in our work.  An answer to your question is available here.

Q: What does a Bioenergetic Stress Analysis cost?

A: Fee and payment options are here.  Have questions?   Contact us for additional information.

Q: How can I resist the biology of cancer?

A: Resisting the biology of cancer is discussed in this video conversation with David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD
(April 21, 1961 July 24, 2011)

and in his book Anticancer : A New Way of Life that "...takes all the cancer research that's out there.. and put[s] it into plain and understandable text. ..." (A Reader from Goodyear, Arizona USA)

Q: Where can I find research on cancer and diet?

A: Thank you for your question.  Listen to and read research on the nutritional effects and influence on cancer in The China Study : The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-Term Health by T. Colin Campbell PhD and Thomas M. Campbell II

We also found a June 2000 Report by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency here.  This Report is also posted here.

Q: Can cancer be caused by stress?

A: Currently in our research, your question is difficult to answer definitively.  We have though found several studies that may shed some light on finding an answer to this very important question in Stress, Psychological Factors, and Cancer an annotated collection of readings from the professional literature with bibliography complied and edited by Jeanne Achterberg, PhD  O. Carl Simonton, MD   Stephanie Matthews-Simonton  Copyright 1976   We are currently searching for copies.  Contact us for availability.

We have found causes of cancer as early as 1978 in this step by step self-help guide to overcoming cancer for patients and their families.  Searching for the cause of cancer is found on p.31 and tracing what causes cancer is found on p.32 in this first edition of Getting Well Again that has an extensive bibliography of research references for your review.

From Bantam the Publisher of Getting Well Again: The Bestselling Classic (1992 edition) we found this statement...

"In this revolutionary book the Simontons profile the typical "cancer personality": how an individual's reactions to stress and other emotional factors can contribute to the onset and progress of cancer -- and how positive expectations, self-awareness, and self-care can contribute to survival.   This book offers the same self-help techniques the Simonton's patients have used to successfully to reinforce usual medical treatment -- techniques for learning positive attitudes, relaxation, visualization, goal setting, managing pain, exercise, and building an emotional support system."

And this July 4, 2007 review on by A Reader from Toronto, Ontario, Canada who is "...a physician interested in the mind-body connection.  I have done a lot of reading in this field and am definitely a proponent of the now fairly well-established theory that the mind and body are indivisibly linked.  ...While I wholeheartedly believe in the mind-body link, I do not believe in - nor do I support others in their belief of - a "cancer personality."  In fact, the very term is loaded, in that it ascribes blame (or at least cause and effect) for one's illness squarely on the patient.

I suppose this is not surprising - there is still much that is not known about cancer - and as an "evolved" race, modern-day man is very resistant to the idea that there are still things over which we have very little control. Though well-intentioned, it is, nonetheless, a dangerous belief.  Certainly I have seen patients who seem to fit Simonton's "cancer personality" - and I have seen just as many cancer patients who do not.  And the unsettling fact remains that many, many people sporting Simonton's "cancer personality" to a tee will never develop cancer at all.

...cancer is probably "caused" more by genetics and environment than we want to believe.   Ironically, the single biggest contributing factor to many cancers likely remains our own choices - lifestyle choices such as smoking, drugs, alcohol, unsafe sex, a poor diet and lack of sleep and exercise that we know with certainty place stress on our bodies and predispose us to all kinds of disease.  Our mental attitude definitely is a part of that, and I do believe that stress can impair the healing process - and perhaps even in some cases, cause illness.

...this book remains a real resource...a potentially helpful resource.  Illness, and especially uncertainty, are dark companions, and people need to follow their hearts as well as their minds in finding their way through difficult times.  Take the good this book has to offer..."

Q: What can I do to reduce my exposure to carcinogens?

A: Find out what you can do to reduce your exposure to carcinogens in this book The Secret History of the War on Cancer by Dr. Devra Davis who "... has rendered a valuable service to everyone who wants to avoid cancer." (A Reader)

Q: What can I expect to earn on the Finder's Fee Program?

A: That depends on what service or product is purchased.  We have several offers through out this site, and some offers are open-ended depending on what is requested.  Even though our work for clients is kept confidential, as soon as you are identified as the "Finder" who sends us referrals, a "Finder's Fee" account is set up in your name.  You are notified (monthly) and kept updated on your "Finder's Fee" account.

Q: is a fantastic web site.   I want to open a home-based business, may I duplicate your web site?

A: Thank you for your interest and glowing feedback on our work.  Most if not all of our work on our web site is copyrighted which means you may not duplicate our web site.  We do have several web pages that offer home-base business opportunities.

Affiliate Program
Information Products
BtoB Partners
eBusiness 2001-2015
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After you have created your home-based business web site, consider placing a link to your web site on the Free Business Directory - Plus!

If you have any questions ~ Contact us for additional help.

Q: Can lack of motivation cause stress reactions?

A: Stress reactions are unique individualized energetic physical responses -- called stress indicators -- to four distinct causes -- called stressors -- broadly classified as [B.E.A.N.] Breathing, Environment, Attitude and Nutrition.  Depending on your unique individualized energy predisposrtion, symptoms also knowm as energetic physical cues/signals aka stress reactions begin to appear.  To locate your stressor at any given time, we have designed and developed a StressTracker available here.  Also, take a look at the Motivational News You Can Use eBook, a valuable resource available here.

Q: What is energy?

A: This may help answer your question...

If your question is not answered here, please contact us with your question and we'll get right back with you ...  usually within just a few hours.

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