Marketing 2016
Customer motivation and service with less distress
comes from collaboration and is the essence of solution-based marketing.


1.   Ask questions

2.   Be a better listener

3.   Create a conversational atmosphere

4.   Discover others' interests

5.   Engage others in conversation

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Who is dissatisfied with their job Who is unhappy with their income Who is concerned about the environment Who is money oriented or money motivated Who owns their own business Who enjoys being around high energy people Who quit their job or is out of work Who needs extra money Your friends Your brothers and sisters Your parents Your cousins Your children Your aunts and uncles Your spouse's relatives Who went to school with you Who works with you Who is retired Who works part-time jobs Who you like the most Who was laid off Who bought a new home Who answers classified ads Who runs personal ads Who gave you a business card Who works at night Who delivers pizza to your home Who sells Avon or Mary Kay Who sells Tupperware Who wants freedom Who likes team sports Who is a fundraiser Who watches television often Who works on cars Who likes political campaigns Who are social networkers Who are in the military Who your friends know Your dentist Your doctor Who will help you Who works for the government Who is unemployed Who attends self-improvement seminars Who reads self-help books Who reads books on success Your children's friends' parents Who was your boss Your parents' friends Who you've met while on vacation Who waits on you at restaurants Who cuts your hair Who does your nails Who does your taxes Who works at your bank Who is on your holiday card list Who is in retail sales Who sells real estate Who are teachers Who services your car Who repairs your house Who manages your apartments Who has children in college Who likes to dance Who sold you your car Who you met at a party Who likes to buy things Who you've met on a plane Who does volunteer work Who you like the least Who has been in network marketing Who needs a new car Who wants to go on vacation Who works too hard Who was injured at work Who lives in your neighborhood Who is your boss Who delivers your mail Who calls you at home Who calls you at work Who delivers your paper Who handles your gardening Who watches your children Who attends your church and synagogue Who you met on the street Who you meet through your friends Who tailors your clothes Who sells cosmetics Who bags your groceries Who wants a promotion Who is overweight Who is health conscious Who recycles Who buys bottle water Who has allergies Who is wealthy Who has lots of friends Who exercises regularly Who belongs to the Chamber of Commerce Who you haven't listed yet

One Hundred Ways to Get Clients/Customers
(source unknown)

8.   Helping others and your customers build their business without any       expectations in return has value and is a good thing.

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