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You've told us time, and time again that you want to be more aware of, acknowledge, and accept your stress issues so that you're able to reduce your stress reactions before you lose yourself completely.  So we've gathered "how-to" resources, and information to help you de-stress by...
  • reducing your stress reactions in your business, and personal life,
  • implementing, and lowering your stress reaction levels completely and faster,
  • being a trusted stress advisor to your clients, colleagues, family, and friends.
Our goal is to inspire you to change your obstacles into opportunities, and embrace your challenges through your self-worth, your preparation, your unfaltering optimism, and your dedication to your goals.

Further, our goal is to encourage you to engage in your life to your fullest potential. To provide you with a model for solution-focused thinking, and to inspire you to be optimistic, and to honor your self.

How-Tos for Achieving These Goals

  • Daily updates, sent via eMail, and Skype  (Skype coming soon)
  • Online presentations, and outreach
  • Media coverage, eBooks, and documentation of individual progress.
  • Provide a direct connection with those involved in this program

This stress education library includes white papers with in-depth information on topics relevant to your business, and webinars to educate you with products, and services.

If you are unable to find what you need here, let us know.  We're committed to giving you the stress education, information, and materials you need to reduce your stress reactions.

Stress Reaction Education Reduction Learning

  • Awareness of your stress issues
  • Acknowledgment of your stress issues
  • Acceptance of your stress issues
  • Cost effective best practices (PDF)  (coming soon)
  • What you need to know (PDF) Find out how you can help your clients, colleagues, family, and friends become more watchful of their stress reactions.  (coming soon)

Your Investment

  • Fees: what you need to know (PDF) Get an overview of the payment process, and how it works.  (coming soon)
  • Responding to RFPs, and Questions (PDF) Learn how to quickly respond to RFPs, and questions with professional proposals, and answers that give you a "heads-up" on your competition.  (coming soon)

How-To, and Helpful StressTips

  • Avoid fluorescent lights, and sick-buildings.
  • Be careful of what you eat, and stay away from caffeine.
  • Capture, and share the magic of each moment.
  • Engage, and share your big ideas, and plans.
  • Live your purpose for a life with less stress.
  • Living the life you want takes determination, and discipline.
  • Make your breathing, your environment, your attitude, and your nutrition natural, and positive.
  • Natural breathing rather than forced, jammed or reversed breathing plays an important part in managing your stress reactions.
  • Positive self-talk creates opportunities.
  • Your breathing, your environment, your attitude, and your nutrition are stressors.

I am interested in being a Power Player, and I am ready to get started right now...

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