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Your Stress Matters' Tip of the Week

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Welcome to this Pay-Per-View Directory.  With permission, the following pay-per-view Articles/Blogs/Short Stories may be linked to your web site or published in your eNewsletter provided they are not altered in anyway and the resource box is included.  Send your request for permission to The Baum Group

Customer Motivation and Service with Less Stress
by the Baum Group/Dr. Rae and Associates

1. Ask questions   2. Be a better listener   3. Create a conversational atmosphere    More...

eBusiness 2001-2016
by the Baum Group/Dr. Rae and Associates

Activities and projects available for you to use for your on-line and off-line business.   More...

Leisure sickness : A pilot-study on its prevalence, phenomenology, and background
by Dr. Ad J.J.M. Vingerhoets PhD, Maaike Van Huijgevoort MA, and Dr. Guus L. Van Heck PhD

Leisure sickness is a relatively common condition.  More...

Who Said You Can't Make a Profitable Income Selling Your Short Stories?
by Georgina Stath

The truth is, selling your short stories to publishers is not the way to make a comfortable living from something you enjoy doing.    More...

You Did Not Fail
by Deborah Brown-Volkman

Has your work life been crazy lately?

Today's work environment is tough.  Psychologically, the uncertainty has taken a toll on all of us.  In many cases we are not as successful as we were a few years ago.  And, even though we know it is not our fault, we are blaming ourselves.  More...

Go Around the Mule
by Roger Reece

This article is about how to deal with "immovable" obstacles that threaten to block us from achieving our goals and refers to these obstacles as "mules".  More...

Doing Business On-line
by Dr. Rae Baum, Ph.D.

My off-line business began in 1972.  My on-line business began in 1995 with this question "How do I do business on the World Wide Web?" ~ "You don't,..." were the responses I received.  More...

Bad Attitude
by Bob Osgoodby

It never ceases to amaze me that some people trying to do business on the Internet exhibit a bad attitude.  It can take many forms.  I recently sent out an email request to someone, and the answer I received, was to say the least, brusque.  More...

Top Ten Marketing Tips
by Rick P. Crandall

Despite confusion about what marketing is, without it no business can succeed.  The best definition of marketing is anything you do to get OR keep a customer.   More...

What is Stress?
by Tammye Sweet

Stress is the way our bodies respond to emotional, physical, social, economic or other factors that require response or change. is the attitude we decide to take before and after a thing happens.   More...

Got Referrals?
by Gary Lockwood

What would your business be like if your current customers were enthusiastically rounding up prospective customers for you?  You can achieve your professional goals faster and easier through effectively targeting referrals. Like most worthwhile endeavors, getting recommendations requires planning and preparation.  This article shows you how to get more and better referrals.  More...

An Exclusive Interview with the Future
by Robert J. Isenberg

Need we say more?  More...

The New Class of Networkers
by Rod Nichols

If you had attended an MLM opportunity meeting 18 years ago, you would have seen primarily blue-collar workers and homemakers.  You would not have seen physicians, attorneys, CEOs, CPAs, or owners of businesses.  In the 1990's that all changed.  Network marketing still attracts people from all lifestyles and occupations, but the new breed of networker is the white-collar professional.  More...

Seeing Problems in a New Way
by Michael E. Angier

I've recently had a major shift in the way I view problems.   I used to see them as impediments in the path of accomplishment.  Now, I see them as opportunities to get better-chances to be unique in the marketplace.  More...

What Color is Your Office?
by Marcus Meleton

Did you know that merely having the wrong color on your home office walls can lower productivity in your home office?  Some colors motivate, some colors depress and colors actually have impact on your office visitors.  It's even been suggested that purples and blues may reduce your appetite.  More...

Claiming Your Strengths
by Marcia Yudkin

In my favorite scene of "The Wizard of Oz," the Great and Fearless Oz, unmasked as a mortal, certifies that the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodsman and the Cowardly Lion had all along possessed the strengths they had sought through their perilous journey with Dorothy.  Similarly, I've noticed that many people have trouble finding their place in the work world by labelling certain idiosyncrasies of theirs weaknesses.  Though I'm equally no wizard, I've devised a process that demonstrates that what you presume is a shortcoming may instead function as a strength.  More...

How To Listen on the Internet
by Wanda Loskot

Here is a novel business idea that will double, triple, or even quadruple your bottom line.  Actually it's nothing new - it is a bread-and-butter of business.  Or rather bread without a butter because it is so basic.  But even though it is SOO basic I am constantly astonished how very few people understand it!  More...

Sometimes We Dance Alone: Your Next Years Can Be Your Best Years!
by Edith McCall

What do you consider to be most important as a key to aging well?  Balance--of physical, mental and spiritual powers, in accordance with the best the person knows in keeping those powers active.   "Use it or lose it" should be a constant dictum.  More...

Speaking of Stress: The Brelax Way
by Dr. Yehudit Feuer

Stress is a major health risk in our life, consequently stress management is of vital importance for your health.  More...

Stress: Knowing The Enemy Within
by John Petroziello

In today's fast-paced world, we routinely use jet planes, bullet trains, and all terrains.   We might ask ourselves, right off, why do we fall victim to the stress-related effects of these faster-than-a-speeding bullet modern conveyances?   More...

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Your Stress Matters' Tip of the Week

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