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For your reading pleasure, this book archive showcases The Baum Group's 1999 book selections and book reviews on Dr. Rae's Shopping Network.

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Getting A Handle On Your Stress by Rae Baum, Ph.D. ($8.99) Booklet "...presentation ...well organized, direct and dynamic...Beneficial for anyone desiring a fuller life experience.  It encourages one to see and feel the bigger picture of human interaction.  Valuable because it offers new...basic knowledge..." (From "What Dr. Rae Has Done For Others" - Back Cover)

Harry Potter Boxed Set -- Chamber of Secrets, Sorcerer's Stone, Prisoner of Azkaban by J. K. Rowling ($55.85) "A great book and series, leaving you wanting more.  I'm 52 and am loving the Harry Potter story.  The whole "magical idea" and series is incredibly imaginative, creative, refreshing and fun to get lost in.  The only downside is I don't think this should be promoted as just a children's book.  It's such a pleasant escape from reality I think it should be listed as reading for ages 9-99.  I'm sending all three books to my mother for her 80th birthday."  (A Reader from San Francisco, California USA)

2000 Writer's Market : The Electronic Edition with CD-ROM by Kirsten C. Holm (Editor), Bill Brohaugh (Editor), Andrew Lucyszyn (Editor) ($49.99) Paperback "There's a reason the annual "Writer's Market" is many a writer's most cherished, and dog-eared, possession.  Where else--besides the prohibitively expensive "Literary Market Place"--can one find detailed listings for over 1,750 magazines, 1,150 book publishers, and 250 script buyers?  ...70 pages worth of contests and awards; 60 literary agents (and 20 script agents) who swear they're willing to work with new writers; 35 newspaper syndicates; and 35 greeting-card companies.  With so many prospective markets gathered between two covers, you're certain, find a loving home for your precious prose or poesy.  (Jane Steinberg, Editor of Amazon Delivers Books for Writers)  "Excellent!!!  I have used WM for many years now and have only recently discovered the usefulness of the electronic edition.   The CD is much easier to carry around than the book and I can access the market info from my desktop without having to flip through multiple pages."  (A Reader from Columbus, Ohio USA)

Work In Progress by Michael D. Eisner, Tony Schwartz ($27.95) "Great book about Disney during 1984-1998.  The book is well written.  I especially like the conflicts/problems that M. Eisner endures with his (ex) colleges.  And the problems that Disney faces during the building of Disney Paris and the acquisition of ABC.  I recommend it to anyone who is interested in how a creative company like Disney does business."  (A Reader from the Netherlands)

MothersWork by Rebecca Matthias ($24.95) "With $10,000 of personal savings, Rebecca Matthias began a company in a closet in her home that today is a public company worth $300 million.  With 600 stores in malls around the country and 3,500 employees, it is the largest maternity clothing company in America.  Ms. Matthias spells out the rules for forming a company, shares personal skills for running a business, and provides advice for maintaining a family and home while doing it."  (Thanks Donna Peer from Waterstone Booksellers at Pittsburgh International Airport, found in the Pittsburgh Business Times, Oct. 1-7, 1999 edition)

Reinventing Medicine : Beyond Mind-Body to a New Era of Healing by Larry Dossey (Introduction) ($24.00) "...a revolutionary, scientifically documented look at the power of our minds to intuit and heal beyond the limits of what traditional science deems possible.  Dr. Dossey is an eloquent, visionary physician whose courage to put himself on the line for the truth of his convictions is an inspiration.  As a physician I will treasure this book.  I highly recommend it!"  (Judith Orloff, M.D., author of Second Sight) (Thanks Dr. Rae  Be sure to visit Dr. Rae at

Information Rules : A Strategic Guide to the Network Economy by Carl Shapiro, Hal R. Varian ($29.95) "If you want to understand how the network economy really functions and why some companies succeed spectacularly [than] others, despite having mold-breaking technology, look no further."  (The Economist)  "It provides insights and inspiration!!!!!  Well, it's pretty good!"  (A Reader from Taiwan) (Thanks Chris Widener   Be sure to visit Chris at and tell him Dr. Rae from The Baum Group sent you)

Customer.Com : How to Create a Profitable Business Strategy for the Internet and Beyond by Patricia B. Seybold (Contributor), R. T. Marshak, Ronni Marshak ($27.50) "Extremely useful... I have read this book twice, from beginning to end.  Invaluable to understand e-business deployment in various industries.  Must read NOW..."  (A Reader from Hong Kong) (Thanks Chris Widener   Be sure to visit Chris at and tell him Dr. Rae from The Baum Group sent you)

The Devil's Cradle by Jerry Williams (Editor), Christy A. Moeller (Illustrator), Sylvia Nobel [LARGE PRINT] ($17.95) Paperback "It's rare that a book captures my attention so quickly and as completely as did THE DEVIL'S CRADLE.  It will take all your will power to put this one down before you've turned the last page.  And be prepared for all your guesses at whodunit to be flying out the window by the tale's end."  (Jean Teller, Book Review Editor, GRIT Magazine) (Thanks Marlene Bernstein  Be sure to visit Marlene at and tell her Dr. Rae from The Baum Group sent you)

Our Money, Ourselves : Redesigning Your Relationship With Money : A Self-Help Guide by C. Diane Ealy, Ph.D. and Kay Lesh, Ph.D. ($17.95) Paperback "...A must companion volume to 9 Steps to Financial Freedom and A Courage to be Rich (both by Suze Orman).  If you can only get one, start with this book.   It will prepare the soil for the seeds of 9 Steps to take root."   (A Reader from Seattle, Washington USA) (Thank you Mershon Bell.   Subscribe to Mershon's resourceful newsletter The Business Woman's ADVANTAGE, an interactive newsletter for women with the entrepreneurial spirit, by clicking and visit Mershon at   Be sure to tell her Dr. Rae from The Baum Group sent you) (Striking It Profiles of 23 Incredibly Successful Websites You've Probably Never Heard Of by Jaclyn Easton, Jeff Bezos ($24.95) "The Truth About E-Commerce.  I've read just about every book on e-commerce and "" is the most practical one yet.  Instead of pages and pages of theory, this book details PRECISELY what successful webpreneurs did and hence will tell you what works and -- just as important -- what doesn't work."  (A Reader from Riverdale, New York USA) (Thanks Allan Gardyne.  Be sure to visit Allan at and when you email him at tell him Dr. Rae from The Baum Group sent you)

Making Choices : Practical Wisdom for Everyday Moral Decisions by Peter Kreeft ($10.99) Paperback "An amazing and powerful book.  I have recommended this book to so many friends who are struggling with making choices.  It provides solid arguments based on moral absolute truths.  Buy it!" (A Reader from Illinois USA) (Thank you Joan for bring Prof. Kreeft's work to our attention)

Letitia Baldrige's New Complete Guide to Executive Manners by Letitia Baldrige ($40.00) "The People-To-People skills everyone needs to know to move ahead in today's competitive business world.  The first complete guide to manners at work shows people and companies how to perform flawlessly in every business situation." (Thank you Executive Book Summaries)

The Clickable Corporation by Jonathan Rosenoer, Douglas Armstrong and J. Russell Gates ($26.00) "With the number of potential customers connected to the Internet now its way to 1 billion, it's imperative for companies to be "Net savvy."  The authors outline the steps to achieve a company's goals, identify customers and their needs, and to keep ahead of the competition." (Thanks Donna Peer from Waterstone Booksellers at Pittsburgh International Airport, found in the Pittsburgh Business Times, July 30-Aug. 5, 1999 edition)

Something More : Excavating Your Authentic Self by Sarah Ban Breathnach ($20.00) "Your soul is one of the last unlooted sources of the miraculous, with discoveries as spectacular as any found in the Delta of Venus or Egypt's Valley of the Kings," writes the inspiring Ban Breathnach. Read her book and explore." (Thanks Tim Appelo, Editor of Amazon Delivers Bestsellers)

Digital Darwinism : 7 Breakthrough Business Strategies for Surviving in the Cutthroat Web Economy by Evan I. Schwartz, Lauren Marino (Editor) ($25.00) "...Schwartz identifies seven strategies that will separate the winners from the losers.  These include building a brand that stands for solving something, elastic pricing, affiliate partnerships, and integrating digital commerce with every aspect of business.  ...Schwartz views these early years of the Web as largely "irrational," ...  In the future, there may be no such thing as an Internet company." (Thanks Harry C. Edwards, Editor of Amazon Delivers Business and Investing)

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Bargaining for Advantage by G. Richard Shell ($24.95) "Mr. Shell, of the Wharton School of Business, stresses the need to draw on a person's own unique communication style to become a more confident negotiator.  He provides instruction for achieving goals, building trust, countering trick moves, improving leverage at each stage of the process and identifying when to compromise and when not to compromise." (Thanks Donna Peer from Waterstone Booksellers at the Pittsburgh International Airport, found in the Pittsburgh Business Times, July 2-8, 1999 edition)

Online Marketing Handbook 1998 Edition : How to Promote, Advertise and Sell Your Products and Services on the Internet by Daniel S. Janal ($29.95) Paperback "Great Book!  In several years online, this is the first time I have written email for the sole purpose of commending a product wholeheartedly and without reservation.  I borrowed your Online Marketing Handbook from my local public library out of curiosity, and became progressively more impressed as the pages turned." (A Reader from Canberra, Australia) (Thanks Wanda Loskot! ~ Success Connection ~ Wednesday, June 16, 1999 ~ Chat with Dan Janal)

Writing Articles About the World Around You by Marcia Yudkin ($17.99) "Strategies for turning ideas into publishable articles for magazines and newspapers.  For both beginning and intermediate freelance writers." (Thanks Marcia! Creative Marketing Solutions)  "Excellent information that reads "Excellent information that reads easy!  A delightfully well-crafted accumulation of practical and tremendously helpful methods and suggestions for freelance writers.   Pleasing to read and easy to implement, this book led to my first assigned magazine article!"  (A Reader from Raleigh, North Carolina USA)

Why We Buy : The Science of Shopping by Paco Underhill ($25.00) "Nobody feels a shopper's pain more acutely than Mr. Underhill, the 47-year-old founder of Envirosell, a market research company that studies shopping habits, and a disciple of the late urban anthropologist William H. Whyte.  As Whyte did, Mr. Underhill applies the field-study methods of a behavioral scientist." (The New York Times ~ Thanks Harry C. Edwards, Editor of Amazon Delivers Business and Investing)

Winning the Affiliate Game by Declan Dunn ($97.00) ($67.00 via Internet) "...the first thorough book on affiliate programs - aimed mainly at merchants.  Now Declan, one of the leading consultants on affiliate programs on the Internet, has gone a huge step further, with his new book,..."   Click here to get the inside information on Winning the Affiliate Game and Click here to earn 25% referring it and receive a second tier commission  (Thanks David Seitz!  Be sure to visit Dave, and subscribe to his highly recommended "Helping Hand Newsletter" at

Body for Life by Bill Phillips ($26.00) "Phillips is like an Andrew Weil with muscle, and he's got a 12-week program to mental and physical strength that's working for plenty of people." (Thanks Tim Appelo, Editor of Amazon Delivers Bestsellers)

The Warren Buffett Portfolio : Mastering the Power of the Focus Investment Strategy by Robert G. Hagstrom ($24.95) "A great follow-up to The Warren Buffett Way.  This book takes you to the next level of investing like Buffett by teaching Buffett's focus investing strategy.  I found it to be extremely useful, especially with the parts on other legendary investors." (A Reader from New York City, New York USA) (Thanks Donna Peer from Waterstone Booksellers at the Pittsburgh International Airport, found in the Pittsburgh Business Times, May 17-23, 1999 edition)

Java By Example 1.2 by Jerry R. Jackson, and Alan McClellan ($27.95) Paperback "If you believe examples are important to learning, this book should please you. Geared toward beginner to intermediate programmers, this Java guide provides a plethora of examples on Java basics and applet writing.  It concentrates on topics that have the greatest utility for Java programmers such as Java inner, reflection and collection classes." (Thanks!)

Selling for Dummies by Tom Hopkins ($16.99) Paperback "Pick up a good book on selling (Selling for Dummies is a good one) and snatch some good, fresh ideas to teach your employees." (Thanks Dr. Kevin Nunley! Get your free marketing tips at ~ via Bob Osgoodby's Your Business on the Web e-newsletter Tip of the Day)

Bioenergetics by Alexander Lowen, M.D. ($14.95) Paperback [reissue edition] "Bioenergetics...links physical pain, muscle tension, and postural disorders with state of mind, demonstrating that suppressed emotions, unhappiness, and anger can block energy flow and cause physical distress. Dr. Alexander Lowen, founder and prime mover of this revolutionary therapy, analyzes common complaints like headaches and lower back pain and shows how they can be overcome by releasing the muscular tension that creates them. Through bioenergetic exercise, physical pain can be dissolved and emotion released, leading to a new sense of confidence and well-being. Illustrated by many helpful diagrams, this fascinating book is the first step to a happier, healthier life for thousands of men and women." (From the Publisher)

Joy : The Surrender to the Body and to Life by Alexander Lowen, M.D. ($13.95) "...founder of Bioenergetics, reveals in this book how to reclaim a natural, childlike state of joy through exercises that revive the body's vitality and liberate the energy of suppressed feelings. ...Joy, the culmination of Lowen's life work, is a...hopeful and transformational guide from one of the pioneers of body/mind therapy." (Review from Amazon)

Getting A Handle On Your Stress by Rae Baum, Ph.D. ($8.99) Booklet "...presentation ...well organized, direct and dynamic...Beneficial for anyone desiring a fuller life experience. It encourages one to see and feel the bigger picture of human interaction. Valuable because it offers new...basic knowledge..." (From "What Dr. Rae Has Done For Others" - Back Cover)

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The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav ($25.00) "...humans are immortal souls first, physical beings second, and that once we become conscious of this transformation -- once we align our personalities with our soul -- we will stimulate our spiritual growth and become better people in the process." (Thanks Gary)

[SideBar : Gary has helped me focus, once again, on what my choices will produce; and my willingness to accept the consequences of my choices.  Once I become aware of and accept my feelings; make my choices from within, and not based on my fear, anger, and hurt -- I feel love, fulfillment, generosity, joy, and I am grateful to be in the presence of great souls. - Dr. Rae]

Starting from 'No' : 10 Strategies to Overcome Your Fear of Rejection and Succeed in Business by Azriela L. Jaffe, Pam Lontos ($17.95) Paperback "A much-needed resource! Ms. Jaffe has addressed a topic that is important to many of us in business--especially us "creative types." I'm glad I ordered this book. It helped me understand the genesis of my fear of rejection and gave me practical information on how to counteract the fear. Highly recommended." (A Reader from Omaha, Nebraska USA)

Eleanor Roosevelt 1933-38 (Vol 2) by Blanche Wiesen Cook ($34.95) "Terrific! Outstanding. I am still reading and re-reading this book. I was initially disappointed because it does not have the focus on Ms. Roosevelt's private life that Volume I does. But after I got over that, I realized that I was reading a major work on the history of social justice movements in this country. ...Ms. Roosevelt's constant, persistent and terribly courageous advocacy for the oppressed is inspirational! Viva Eleanor! Viva Blanche!" (A Reader from Ann Arbor, Michigan USA)

The Autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt by Eleanor Roosevelt ($16.95) Paperback [Reprint edition] "A Life Story Well Told...  tells the story of a great woman, one who greatly impacted the lives of many Americans.  In her own words, the modest Eleanor Roosevelt begins her life story describing her childhood in great detail and continues through her later years.  This book not only tells the life story of this remarkable woman, but teaches a history lesson of the late 19th and early 20th centuries." (A Reader from the USA)

Real Time : Preparing for the Age of the Never Satisfied Customer [LARGE PRINT] by Regis McKenna ($19.95) "A new look at the use of new technology. The author does an excellent job of pointing out the opportunities that today's technology offers companies, retail and business to business, alike. He also makes a strong case for "either you go with the technology or fall by the wayside." Today's buyers will not wait. They have become used to the way of doing business and expect it no matter from whom they are buying. Before saying "yeah, I already know that." read the book and find out what you don't know. He has several eye openers in there." (A Reader from Burbank, California USA)

The End of Marketing As We Know It by Sergio Zyman ($26.00) "Here's a great marketing tip . . . Buy this book, written by the ultimate master. No marketer can live without it." (Dick Ebersol, President, NBC Sports)

Front Row at the White House : My Life and Times by Helen Thomas ($26.00) "An Outstanding Contribution to Herstory. Helen Thomas has written a real page-turner. I bought the book two nights ago at an event where she spoke and started reading that night! She is as witty in person as in print! It's an excellent book, but what else would we expect from Helen Thomas?!?!" (A Reader from Washinton, D.C.)

Shadow : Five Presidents and the Legacy of Watergate 1974-1999 by Bob Woodward ($27.50) "For a long book, amazingly concise, clear and sharp. Fits all the pieces together. Names that were front page news 25 years ago are brought back with relevancy to todays headlines. The book is laid out in a concise manner that shows how the legacy of Watergate affects politics nearly three decades later. This book helps answer questions about how the political donnybrook we all witnessed in the Clinton administration could have happened. The book is non-judgemental in its approach. It lets the reader make decisions based on facts, not on political posturing and hyperbole. The hype and the emotions are left to the politicians and the historians. Just an excellent read." (A Reader from Michigan USA)

Shadow : Five Presidents and the Legacy of Watergate 1974-1999 by Bob Woodward, James Naughton (Reader) ($25.00) Audio Cassette

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1999 Writer's Market (Annual) by Kirsten Holm (Editor), Donya Dickerson (Editor), Don Prues (Editor) ($27.99) "An excellent resource for getting published. The Writer's Market 1999 proves to be an excellent resource for all writers, published and yet unpublished, by providing countless writing tips and publishing sites." (A Reader from Winston-Salem, North Carolina USA)

The New Pioneers : The Men and Women Who Are Transforming the Workplace and Marketplace by Thomas Petzinger Jr. ($24.50) "Best business book I've read in years. Command-and-control is still very much the operative model in American business. Petzinger demolishes it with style. He draws his text from business successes large and small, where shared information and distributed responsibility have both propelled startups and turned around established businesses that had lost their way. He uses story telling to great advantage so that the wisdom here springs from the cases he cites. This is a clear, easy-to-read book, full of good sense that is as applicable to running a large organization as to running a scout troop. The first business I've really enjoyed in years." (A Reader from New York City, New York USA)

The Testament by John Grisham ($27.95) "Grisham's smart use of the suspense novel to explore questions of being and faith puts him squarely in the footsteps of DICKENS and GRAHAM GREENE. Sincere, exciting and tinged with wonder, this novel is going to sell like an angel, and deservedly so." (Publishers Weekly, Starred Review)

The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw ($24.95) "Excellent capturing of my parents' generation. Tom Brokaw does an excellent job of interviewing and capturing the impact of WWII on the lives of these heroes and heroines. The war experience was the common bond that elevated this generation to strive for greatness not only for their own lives but for the entire nation. Brokaw, drawing from his vast experience and skills as a newscaster, is able to extract stories of great bravery and self responsibility from each of the individuals interviewed. He brings out the sense of loyalty, duty, honor, respect and self worth, not found in today's generation." (A Reader from Kamuela, Hawaii)

The Greatest Generation [ABRIDGED] by Tom Brokaw (Reader) ($24.00) Audio Cassette Edition

The Greatest Generation [ABRIDGED] by Tom Brokaw (Reader) ($27.50) Audio CD Edition

The Greatest Generation (Random House Large Print) [LARGE PRINT] by Tom Brokaw ($24.95) Large Print Edition

Damascus Gate by Robert Stone ($26.00) "Possibly the best book of the year. Stone takes us to the heart of the oldest conflict at the twilight of the millenium, when many are waiting for the second coming (and some trying to speed it along). His ruminations on faith, fanaticsim, loyalty, and betrayal are deftly intertwined with a relentless plot. Ripped straight from the headlines yet as timeless as any history, Damascus Gate is astounding." (A Reader from New York City, New York USA)

Damascus Gate (Thorndike Large Print Americana Series) [LARGE PRINT] by Robert Stone ($27.95)

Getting A Handle On Your Stress by Rae Baum, Ph.D. ($8.99) Booklet "...presentation ...well organized, direct and dynamic...Beneficial for anyone desiring a fuller life experience. It encourages one to see and feel the bigger picture of human interaction. Valuable because it offers new...basic knowledge..." (From "What Dr. Rae Has Done For Others" - Back Cover)

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All Too Human : A Political Education by George Stephanopoulos ($27.95) "A personal and candid memoir by the former senior counselor to the president about life in the White House during Clinton's first term. A brilliant combination of pragmatic insight and idealism, "All Too Human" will do to politics what "Liar's Poker" did to Wall Street." (Synopsis from Amazon Books)

The Courage to be Rich : Creating a Life of Material and Spiritual Abundance by Suze Orman($24.95) "Buy this book, it will open your eyes to money. Suze has once again written a book that will change the way people relate to their money. If you want to know how to talk to your partner about money, how to get rid of the clutter in your life that is keeping money away from you, what an IRA really is, or you are buying a home, this book is for you. This book will change the way you think about your money. BUY IT." (A Reader from West Chester, Pennsyvania USA)

The Courage to Be Rich : The Financial and Emotional Pathways to Material and Spiritual Abundance by Suze Orman (Reader) ($29.95) Audio Cassette Edition

The Articulate Executive : Learn to Look, Act, and Sound Like a Leader by Granville N. Toogood ($10.95) Paperback "Describes ways to become a more effective communicator" (Best-Selling Business Book, Pittsburgh Business Times, Feb. 26 - March 4, 1999, p.41)

Direct from Dell : Strategies That Revolutionized an Industry by Michael Dell, Catherine Fredman (Contributor) ($26.00) "The story behind the success of Dell Computer Company" (Best-Selling Business Book, Pittsburgh Business Times, Feb. 26 - March 4, 1999, p.41)

Direct from Dell by Michael Dell, Catherine Fredman (Contributor) ($18.00) Audio Cassette Edition

When Work Doesn't Work Anymore : Women, Work, and Identity by Elizabeth Perle McKenna ($23.95) "Combining personal and professional lives" (Best-Selling Business Book, Pittsburgh Business Times, Feb. 26 - March 4, 1999, p.41)

When Work Doesn't Work Anymore : Women, Work, and Identity by Elizabeth Perle McKenna ($23.95) Audio Cassette Edition

Against the Gods : The Remarkable Story of Risk by Peter L. Bernstein ($29.95) "A history of risk taking that has driven civilization" (Best-Selling Business Book, Pittsburgh Business Times, Feb. 26 - March 4, 1999, p.41)

Against the Gods : The Remarkable Story of Risk by Peter L. Bernstein ($24.00) Audio Cassette Edition

Life Strategies : Doing What Works, Doing What Matters by Phillip C. McGraw, Ph.D. (Editor) ($21.95) "Wonderful! Much like Erik Quisling's book "The Angry Clam", the insights into humanity are simply profound and you can't help but walk away with a new perspective." (A Reader from Newport Beach, California USA)

Life Strategies by Phillip C. McGraw, Ph.D. ($22.00) Audio Cassette Edition

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Optimum Health : A Natural Lifesaving Prescription for Your Body and Mind by Stephen T. Sinatra, M. D. ($13.95) Paperback "In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Stephen Sinatra shows us how we can take control of our health through the latest findings of mind-body medicine. As a leading cardiologist and psychotherapist, Dr. Sinatra is a uniquely qualified expert in the field. Dr. Sinatra's well-balanced, totally natural program of nutritional, emotional, and physical strategies can dramatically improve the quality of your life and help you live longer. Eight simple rules for optimum health--they could save your life. The insulin-resistance epidemic and the Great Fat Debate. The myth, fact, and fiction of cholesterol. Discover the heart-healing secrets of the Mediterranean diet. Coenzyme Q10: a miracle vitamin for heart health. A natural approach to healing arthritis. Dr. Sinatra's natural cholesterol-lowering formula. Recipes for preventive medicine. Dr. Sinatra's antiaging prescription. And much more!" (Book Description from Amazon Books)

Simple Abundance Journal of Gratitude by Sarah Ban Breathnach ($12.95) "This journal can change your life. Every night before you close your eyes you reflect on all the abundance in your day. Doing this makes you so much more aware of all you have, and as the Author says "All you have is all you need." I have been keeping a gratitude journal for well over a year now and it has had such a centering effect on my life. I recommend this whole heartedly." (A reviewer from Bartlett, Illinois USA)

Simple Abundance : Living by Your Own Lights by Sarah Ban Breathnach ($17.00) Audio Cassette Edition "I would have never believed if I didn't live it. I got the tape to give it a whirl, what could I lose? A couple of minutes on the way to the office? I was looking for a motivational tape with some catch phrases that I could spout at my staff meetings, what I got was a wonderful way to lead my life -- and it all started with this tape and the Gratitude journal. Thank you Sarah!!!!!!" (A Reader)

Why I Write : Thoughts on the Craft of Fiction edited by Will Blythe ($23.00) "With the enormous quantity of books on the market purporting to teach us how to write, it is with some relief that someone has thought to pull one together on why writers write. Will Blythe, a contributing editor to Harper's and Mirabella and formerly the literary editor at Esquire, has assembled a fine cast of 26 contemporary fiction writers to muse on his assigned topic "Why I write." The reasons, boiled down, range from "Because I can't do anything else" to "Because I can't not write." Ho-hum. But these are fiction writers, don't forget, and fiction writers can spin yarns." (Jane Steinberg was a longtime editor at Seattle Weekly and a stringer for Glamour magazine. She now writes from her home in New Jersey USA)

Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden ($14.00) Paperback "After ruling the bestseller list for nearly a year, Arthur Golden's kimono-intensive novel has finally made it into paperback. His tale of a kept woman in latter-day Japan will keep you turning pages, mesmerized by both the plot and the prodigious research." (Amazon Books' "Paperback Pick" selection)

50 Powerful Ways to Win New Customers : Fast, Simple, Inexpensive, Profitable and Proven Ideas You Can Use Starting Today! by Paul R. Timm ($8.99) Paperback "Paul Timm will teach readers how to become a "customer magnet." After reading this second edition, one will know how to establish a customer base, retain customers through satisfaction and appreciation, and win back lost customers. There are probably thousands of proven ways to win new customers, but Dr. Timm offers the best--a mix of classic, common sense tips, and ingenious advice." (Review Synopsis from Amazon Books)

Elegy for Iris by John Bayley ($22.95) "John Bayley caught his first glimpse of Iris Murdoch in Oxford in 1954, and instantly fell in love. Thus began a partnership that would last almost a half century--even as Murdoch's formidable intellect and imagination were consumed by the "insidious fog" of Alzheimer's. "Elegy for Iris" is a tender, provocative portrait of a singular marriage." (Amazon Books' "Literary Life of the Month" selection)

Real Vegetarian Thai by Nancie McDermott ($11.95) Paperback "Excellent Thai cookbook. I am not an expert in Thai cuisine, so I cannot comment on the authenticity of the dishes. However, the dishes are nutritional, flavorful, and colorful. I wholeheartedly recommend this cookbook." (A Reader from Dallas, Texas USA)

The Taste for Living Cookbook : Mike Milken's Favorite Recipes for Fighting Cancer by Beth Ginsberg, Michael Milken (Editor), Joannah Ralston (Illustrator), Joel Kurtzman (Editor) ($27.50) Paperback "My new favorite cookbook. Not only is this cookbook beautiful to look at, but the food is also amazing. I was always reluctant to try soy products, but this cookbook makes them taste familiar and delicious. I have purchased several copies - I want to share it with everyone." (A Reader from Los Angeles, California USA)

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