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For your reading pleasure, this book archive showcases The Baum Group's 2004 book selections and book reviews on Dr. Rae's Shopping Network.

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Confronting Reality : Doing What Matters to Get Things Right by Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan "...wishful thinking is dangerous and businesses must carefully assess reality.  ...should be mandatory reading at home and in every business." (A Reader)

Learning Web Design by Jennifer Niederst " excellent intro to HTML and web design.  The book takes the reader gently through how the Internet works, how web pages are loaded, and how web pages should be designed before giving a lesson on HTML.  Niederst then takes the reader through a sampling of topics such as graphics and frames, highlighting the do's and don'ts of web design. ..." (A Reader from Northern California USA)

We Got Fired! : . . . And It's the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Us by Harvey Mackay "This book is not about handling the stress and limiting the embarrassment of getting fired.  This book is much bigger than that.  It's about overcoming FEAR and persevering in face of MASSIVE REJECTION. ..." (A Reader from Brooklyn, New York USA)

The Pentagon's New Map by Thomas P. M. Barnett "...brings clarity to our missions in Afghanistan and Iraq and puts the modern "role" of US into its proper [and global] context." (A Reader from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA)

Family First : Your Step-by-Step Plan for Creating a Phenomenal Family by Phillip C. McGraw "The breakdown of the American family has prompted Dr. Phil to courageously tackle the problems families face and provide solutions to parents through and television special.  I admire him for single handedly taking on this topic and bringing it to the forefront.  His methods are an important first step to help families "bring rhythm back" and make them healthy and functional.  His efforts will hopefully make a difference in the lives of many and stop the epidemic of family dysfunction in our culture." (A Reader from Boston, Massachusetts USA)

The Poydras Project by Margaret Lawhon "Once you pick it up, you won't be able to put it down.  I would recommend this book to everyone I know." (A Reader from Atlanta, Georgia USA)

You Can Have It All by Arnold M. Patent "But only if you're willing to take total responsibility for the things that happen in your life.  What Mr. Patent has done is simply extraordinary.  He has shifted the blame from outside to inside.  And once that is done, you are empowered.  I have had this book for years now and I still find it as fresh and exciting and the first time.  I've read and reread this book over the years.  It is so simple it's scary.  If you never buy another self-help book, buy this one.  It's well worth the money and time.  This is the original and the best." (A Reader)
4th Revised Edition

The Wisdom of Crowds : Why the Many Are Smarter Than the Few and How Collective Wisdom Shapes Business, Economies, Societies and Nations by James Surowiecki "...Stylistically, the book is a delight.  The sentences are crisp, and the stories are well-told.  Occasionally, Surowiecki makes his ideas too involved and ends up in a digression.  But I forgave this because it felt like the result of someone who thinks everything is interesting and wants the reader to feel the same.  Wonderful stuff." (A Reader from Indianapolis, Indiana USA)

The Power of Impossible Thinking : Transform the Business of Your Life and the Life of Your Business by Yoram Wind, Robert E. Gunther and Colin Crook "Guaranteed to unlock your creative powers!  ...This is what can be called a 'handbook' for the 21st century visionary.  You will want to bring it with you wherever you go, just for the opportunity of finding yet another gem of wisdom, so conveniently found in paragraph after paragraph. (A Reader from Westport, Connecticut USA)

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Eats, Shoots & Leaves : The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation by Lynne Truss "...a reference (each punctuation mark has its own chapter), but you can easily thumb (or skip) through some of her prose to get to the meatiest examples.  Truss is best when she demonstrates how two sentences, for example, identical in every way EXCEPT for their punctuation marks, can have opposite meanings:  A woman, without her man, is nothing.  A woman: without her, man is nothing. ..." (A Reader from San Diego, California USA)

Sirio : The Story of My Life and Le Cirque by Sirio Maccioni and Peter J. Elliot "Great Tuscan tale.  A wonderful memoir of a great life!  Great New York stories and bits of gossip. ..." (A Reader)

Elizabeth Costello by J. M. Coetzee "Good literature with much food for thought." (A Reader from New York City, New York USA)

The 9/11 Commission Report : Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States by National Commission on Terrorist Attacks "Much Better Than Expected - Outstanding Report" (A Reader from Toronto, Ontario Canada)

A Pretext for War : 9/11, Iraq, and the Abuse of America's Intelligence Agencies by James Bamford "Despite the weighty subject, this book reads like a novel.  Some reviewers pan it as a work of fiction.  You owe it to yourself to read this book and decide for yourself.  ...Initially, Bamford follows the 9/11 terrorists and then the President and other US officials.  The second section of the book traces the intelligence gathering.  The third and final section of watches the Bush administration as it weaves the events, gathered intelligence and speculation into a tapestry of its own design." (A Reader from Folsom, California USA)

****Read an excerpt here****

The Dogs of Babel by Carolyn Parkhurst "Surprisingly fabulous!" (A Reader from Miami, Oklahoma USA)
"An original book" (A Reader from San Juan, Puerto Rico)

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The Peace of Mind Prescription : An Authoritative Guide to Finding the Most Effective Treatment for Anxiety and Depression by Dennis Charney, M.D. and Charles Nemeroff, M.D., Ph.D. and Stephen R. Braun "This is the best book I have ever read.  It has helped me and I highly recommend it if you are suffering from depression or know someone who is.  Not only do the authors suggest how to get help, they explain in simple terms the chemical reasons for your depression.  It's a great read and I can't think of a better way to start the road to recovery." (A Reader from Atlanta, Georgia USA)

The Counselors : Conversations With 18 Courageous Women Who Have Changed the World by Elizabeth Vrato and Bill Clinton "We all need mentors and role models.  This book takes a good look at work relationships and what's required to get along in the workworld today (both professionally and personally).  I saw myself in a lot of the stories, and many of the anecdotes and advice are things I'll be able to use.  Because of the inclusive and casual writing style, I came away feeling like I had had a conversation or two with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Janet Reno, etc!..." (A Reader from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA)

QBQ! The Question Behind the Question by John G. Miller "The best on accountability!  ...I highly recommend QBQ!  It's an excellent study book for teams,..." (A Reader from Louisville, Kentucky USA)

Ultimate Fitness : The Quest for Truth About Exercise and Health by Gina Kolata "...The book is easy to read, can be put down and leisurely returned to, and does not j'accuse us couch potatoes for failing to save ourselves.  Instead even us out of shape, overweight, non-exercisers will find this nonfiction work pleasurable to follow as Ms. Kolata makes it clear that the benefit of exercise at least to her is not losing weight, feeling healthier and fitter, but is in the active participation of playing the game." (Reviewed by Harriet Klausner)

Mind Your Own Business : A Maverick's Guide to Business, Leadership and Life by Sidney Harman "This book is fantastic!  The anecdotes are priceless and the writing is authentic and inspiring."  (A Reader from New York City, New York USA)

Changing Minds : The Art and Science of Changing Our Own and Other People's Minds by Howard Gardner "...understands the mind and persuasion." (A Reader)

Benchmarking : The Search for Industry Best Practices that Lead to Superior Performance by Robert C. Camp "Excellent how-to book on benchmarking - worth every minute.  ...a marvelous job of providing the reader with the why's and wherefore's of the benchmarking process.   Very easy reading yet quite complete and informative on the methodology and the use of benchmarking analyses." (A Reader)

Just Enough : Tools for Creating Success in Your Work and Life and Personal Well-Being by Laura Nash and Howard Stevenson "Great book! ...I liked it so much that I ordered a copy for each member of my family, spouses included. I recommend it." (A Reader from Montreal, Quebec Canada)

The Breakout Principle : How to Activate the Natural Trigger That Maximizes Creativity, Athletic Performance, Productivity and Personal Well-Being by Herbert Benson and William Proctor "...a new understanding of creativity and productivity.  I never realized that there was a biological basis for the generation of ideas and insights - and that this biology could actually be switched on at will.  I would highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to increase the odds of achieving peak performance at work or play." (A Reader from New York City, New York USA)

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Benchmarking for Best Practices : Winning Through Innovative Adaptation by Christopher E. Bogan and Michael J. English "Must reading for anyone implementing benchmarks, ...As a responsible management consultant, virtually every one of my engagements involves measurement and benchmarking in one form or another.  This is one of several books I turn to time and again to assist me in ensuring that my clients' initiatives are (1) meeting expectations (2) providing competitive advantage and (3) delivering customer satisfaction." (A Reader from USA)

The Devil's Playground : A Century of Pleasure and Profit in Times Square by James Traub "...This is a wonderful and thoroughly absorbing book that will educate you without pain, not to mention provide you with lots of amusing anecdotes to use at dinner parties." (A Reader from New York City, New York USA)

Ten Minutes from Normal by Karen Hughes "The dilemma of working mothers in the words of a great communicator told in a relaxed, readable style.  Karen Hughes is smart and funny, and the reader will understand why she has been such a success in a world that is stacked against women who have responsibilities to their families.  Working mothers will get it, political activists may not." (A Reader from Knoxville, Tennessee USA)

An End to Evil : How to Win the War on Terror by David Frum and Richard Perle "A thoughtful analysis of an important worldwide problem,..." (A Reader from Lake Bluff, Illinois USA)

Against All Enemies : Inside America's War on Terror by Richard A. Clarke "Connecting the Dots..." (A Reader from Milford, Michigan USA)

Write Away : One Novelist's Approach to Fiction and the Writing Life by Elizabeth George "Well worth reading.  ...provides an easy to follow step by step guide to writing predominantly novels.  ...provides guides with specific examples and from her own journal how to overcome frustrations." (Reviewed by Harriet Klausner)

The Power of Intention : Learning to Co-Create Your World Your Way by Wayne W. Dyer "Blueprint for Life.   If you only read one book, this is it." (A Reader from Florida USA)

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd "One of the best books I've ever read.  This beautifully written novel captivated me.  This is a must read!" (A Reader from Redondo Beach, California USA)

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A Death in Vienna by Daniel Silva ", compelling, and filled with intriguing twists and turns. It is a worthy, well-researched, and thought-provoking conclusion to Silva's excellent trilogy." (A Reader from Brooklyn, New York USA)

Lab 257 : The Disturbing Story of the Government's Secret Plum Island Germ Laboratory by Michael C. Carroll "... blows the lid off the stunning true nature and checkered history of Plum Island.  It shows that the seemingly bucolic island on the edge of the largest population center in the United States is a ticking biological time bomb that none of us can safely ignore." (Book Description)   Read an excerpt here.

Give Me a Break : How I Exposed Hucksters, Cheats, and Scam Artists and Became the Scourge of the Liberal Media... by John Stossel "An outstanding critique of American society." (A Reader from Olean, New York USA)

American Sucker by David Denby "...This is an interesting journal that at times amusingly and indirectly condemns American capitalism that works well as long as everything is working well.  The stock market fiasco that David Denby describes is something that many middle class individuals felt too as scandals and pundits shrilling weak firms in which price was inflated over value became the norm.  Mr. Denby's other adventures to survive include starting a romance all over again after losing his partner and spending time with his two children.  They add depth to his mental dive.  {This is] person's account of how the American dream turned into an American nightmare as this solid intelligent work wryly condemns the author, a nation and a system that worships avarice over positive values." (Reviewed by Harriet Klausner)

The Price of Loyalty : George W. Bush, the White House, and the Education of Paul O'Neill by Ron Suskind "An excellent fly-on-the-wall scoop into the lies, deceptions, and selling out of and screwing of the American public by one of the worst administrations to ever be forcefully thrust upon this country!  The Education of Paul O'Neil is a excellent tool to educate the public at large on how our current government works (or how the system doesn't work if you perfer)!  A must read for anyone still interested in voting come the next election!!!!..." (A Reader from from New York City, New York USA)

The Anatomy of Hope : How People Prevail in the Face of Illness by Dr. Jerome Groopman, M.D. "...After nine years of illness, I had come to despair.  Once I started reading Dr. Groopman's book, I couldn't put it down.  I saw through his eyes the way in which one's faith in the future influences one's physical and emotional responses to disease.  This is an inspiring book that is backed up with scientific citations.  I have ordered several copies to give as New Year's presents for friends who will benefit from Dr. Groopman's wisdom." (A Reader from Hockessin, Delaware USA)

The Case Against Lawyers by Catherine Crier "Important Information!I am thankful to have read this wonderful book.   It is a must read for all.  The relevance of the information will touch everyone in one way or another and if it hasn't, it will.  It is a good feeling to know that you are not the only one who has been affected by the stupidity of existing laws and that there are people who recognize it.  It will kick you in gear to attempt to do something about them.  Catherine Crier is a great Author and obviously a brilliant and caring person." (A Reader from Miles City, Montana USA)

The Leadership Pill : The Missing Ingredient in Motivating People Today by Ken Blanchard and Marc Muchnick "...Read the book then pass it on.  Give it to your peers with in organizations in which you lead.  But then try something different give it to a young person that you want to bless and give a head start in becoming an effective leader at school and at home.  It's easy to read and short.  I recommended that you buy this book..." (A Reader from Akron, Ohio USA)

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A Soldier's Journal by David Rothbart "This was a pretty good book... makes me think of the old maxim: The general and the captain are giving opposing orders again and I just got seriously wounded...  I would highly recommend this book to all who are interested in military history and the life of a soldier... great book especially in today's day and age." (A Reader from Skokie, Illinois USA)

Globalization and its Discontent by Joseph E. Stiglitz "Easy to read.   Well-written.  Utterly complete.  Well-researched.  I don't know if you can win a Pulitzer for nonfiction, but Stiglitz would deserve one.  Never has an economist woven in economic concepts so subtly and made them so easy to understand.  Never has ANYONE made the IMF and the World Bank so easy to understand.  And this combined in a book that puts almost every other nonfiction author in history to shame, for its clear and concise style.  And did I mention that Stiglitz is open about his biases, and also suggests solutions for all of the problems he notes?  And that he's realistic and practical?  I'm bowled over.  I'm giving this book to everyone I know.  WOW." (A Reader from New Haven, Connecticut USA)

Tuscany : Inside the Light by Joel Meyerowitz and Maggie Barrett "A beautiful book, perfect to give as a holiday gift,... I was captured by the cover and when I looked inside this book, I loved the color photography.  It made me feel like I'd been to Tuscany!  I gave it as a housewarming gift to a friend.  I think it would make a terrific Christmas gift too, a perfect coffee table book." (A Reader from New York City, New York USA)

Tearing Down the Walls : How Sandy Weill Fought His Way to the Top of the Financial World. . .and Then Nearly Lost It All by Monica Langley "Best Business Biography I have read!" (A Reader from Memphis, Tennessee USA)

The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger "Fun, easy read, couldn't put it down.  I really enjoyed this book.  No, its not going to change the world or win any literary prizes but if you are looking for a good story with interesting characters that will make you laugh and really feel for them you will enjoy this book.  It's an easy read and very enjoyable." (A Reader from Mansfield, Texas USA)

The Pathway by Laurel Mellin "This is the very BEST gift you could ever give yourself!  The concepts of learning the skills of self-nurture (which is becoming aware of your feelings and needs in each moment and then allowing your feelings to point you to what you really need versus what you may want) and the skill of limit setting (knowing what is reasonable and unreasonable to expect.)

Practicing these two skills sets a foundation for amazing growth and attainment of skills that naturally lead to integration, balance, sanctuary, intimacy, vibrancy." (A Reader from Omaha, Nebraska USA)

The Power of Full Engagement : Managing Energy, Not Time, is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal by Jim Loehr "...provocative & pragmatic.  It helps me to look at personal & professional life in a holistic perspective.  I feel more energized & engaged, & hopefully will become happier & more successful in all aspects of life." (A Reader from Hong Kong, China)

What Clients Love : A Field Guide to Growing Your Business by Harry Beckwith "Just when you thought Harry Beckwith might have said all he had to say in his first two books, he drops this on us.  It's a gold mine.  He has uncovered all these nuggets of common sense and timely wisdom and neatly wrapped them up in an approachable and impactful style.  And truthfully, the scope of the book goes beyond what clients love.  It really gets to the core of how we often get in our own way and what we can do to change.  As I was reading the book I realized how much easier my job would be if my clients understood what Harry so brilliantly points out.  So I'll be buying copies for lots of folks.  It will help us both.  I suggest anyone in advertising or marketing do the same." (A Reader from Houston, Texas USA)

The Present : The Gift That Makes You Happy and Successful at Work and in Life by Spencer Johnson "This is a very instructive and simple way to explain to readers the value of the present and its relationship to the past and future.  Any person who truthfully puts these simple instructions into practice would have achieved a lot in his/her everyday life." (A Reader from Evansville, Indiana USA)

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