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For your reading pleasure, this book archive showcases The Baum Group's 2008 book selections and book reviews on Dr. Rae's Shopping Network.

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    Breakthrough Creativity: Achieving Top Performance Using the Eight Creative Talents by Lynne Levesque " us a tool for using creative and innovative approaches to our life and business.  ...not just a list of new exercises, it provides a framework for all people to discover how they are creative and how they can maximize their performance." (A Reader from Raleigh, North Carolina USA)

    Outcome Thinking: Getting Results without the boxing gloves by Anne Warfield "...a concise, practical approach to being successful in communicating with others to be heard in a non-threatening manner.  Easy and interesting to read." (A Reader)

    What Technology Wants by Kevin Kelly "A refreshing view of technology as a living force in the world.  This provocative book introduces a brand-new view of technology." (A Reader)

    Defying Gravity: A Celebration of Late-Blooming Women by Prill Boyle "This is a fabulous, well written inspiring book.  Everyone should read this book to see the hurdles that can be overcome by the human spirit and the goals that can be reached - even for late bloomers." (A Reader)

    The Way We're Working Isn't Working: The Four Forgotten Needs That Energize Great Performance by Tony Schwartz, Jean Gomes and Catherine McCarthy Ph.D. "...The value of the book is enhanced by downloadable tools to help you evaluate your current situation and how to begin addressing the four core areas to enhance the ability of your company to harness the energy of all your employees.  ...a working blueprint for any company's future.  I highly recommend it." (A Reader from Plymouth, Massachusetts USA)

    Defy Gravity: Propel Your Business to High-Velocity Growth by Rebel Brown "...helps you move beyond conventional wisdom and take your business to new heights.  This book is filled with tons of information, as well as great examples, stories, exercises, questions, and practical tips.

If you're ready for high velocity growth, this book is a "don't miss."" (A Reader from Fort Collins, Colorado USA)

    The Mesh: Why the Future of Business Is Sharing by Lisa Gansky "...outlined a trend that's been around but often overlooked.  The internet has turbocharged our ability to share.  It's created a platform for business models based on community use of expensive objects and services.  ..." (Reviewed by Seth Godin)

    In Search of Excellence: Lessons from Americas Best Run Companies by Thomas J. Peters and Robert H. Waterman "...a classic.  Excellent from an Entrepreneur standpoint.  Mindset is everything.  Take advantage of this book.   Hands down one of my favorites and 5 stars.  Must have." (A Reader from Torrance, California USA)

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    Different: Escaping the Competitive Herd by Youngme Moon " much more than a marketing tactic, it is a way of thinking.  It is a fundamental mind-set and a way of living that derives from respecting, observing, and absorbing people and the world around you." (A Reader from Connecticut USA)

    Retail Superstars: Inside the 25 Best Independent Stores in America by George Whalin "Best book...inspire anyone in any biz." (Reviewed by Tom Peters <@tom_peters via Twitter>)

    Hamlet's BlackBerry: A Practical Philosophy for Building a Good Life in the Digital Age by William Powers "...Overall, this informative, entertaining, thought provoking book forced me to rethink my views on "connectedness" and how much it should (or not) mean to me.  The "sacrifices" one has to make to read this book (less Tweeting, fewer status updates on Facebook or fewer Instant Messenger pings)- are all well worth it.  A great read." (A Reader from Lynnfield, Massachusetts USA)

    Engage!: The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web by Brian Solis " a book you will be able to pick up on any given day and find what you're looking for as a way to keep on track with your social media goals and objectives.  Great book.  I highly recommend it!" (A Reader)

    The Steps of Essence: How to Live Life Well and Authentically by Hanns-Oskar Porr " really for anyone who feels stuck in life.  It helps you rediscover what is really important to you and unlike other books really tells you how to get from point A to point B.  It helps you see clearer what you really want out of life and helps you get there.  It's a book that you can use many times throughout your life because we all have those moments that we need to be reminded of what really counts." (A Reader from Trier, Germany)

    Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success by Dan Schawbel "... is for anyone that wants to thrive in the Web 2.0 work place.  With the advent of social media sites such as LinkedIn, self branding is the new norm for career advancement.  This book is an excellent guide for those seeking to learn how to market themselves effectively.  I highly recommend it to any Generation (Boomer, X and Y)." (A Reader)

    The Social Media Marketing Book by Dan Zarrella " the reader an excellent overview of the big picture of social media marketing, and while it clearly wasn't intended to be an exhaustive "how-to" guide on implementing all of the social media marketing approaches it describes, I'm sure that anyone (even an experience social media marketer) could learn something that he didn't know before reading this book.  If you're new to social media marketing, this is a "must read."  If you have some experience with the topic, you should read to make sure you're not missing anything." (A Reader from Woodland, California USA)

    Defy Gravity: Healing Beyond the Bounds of Reason by Caroline Myss "Astonishing piece of insight on healing…" (A Reader)

    Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples by Harville Hendrix Ph.D. " about how-to heal and resolve childhood issues/wounds with our partner (rather than bringing them into our relationships) by using Dr. Harville's thesis that we choose partners who have similar attributes and qualities as our parents.  A must read for everyone!" (Reviewed by Dr. Rae)

    The Starbucks Experience: 5 Principles for Turning Ordinary Into Extraordinary by Joseph Michelli " about being the best with less stress; and came into our lives when my associates and I wanted to learn more about moving from being transactional handlers to trusted advisors in every aspect of our life." (Reviewed by Dr. Rae)

    You Are the Answer: Discovering and Fulfilling Your Soul's Purpose by Michael J. Tamura "Refreshing and uplifting perspectives on why we are are here and why we face our own unique (yet universal) challenges in life." (A Reader from Ohio USA)

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    The Art of Choosing by Sheena Iyengar "...makes it clear that choosing is indeed an art as much as it is a science.  I believe that one who reads this book will make better informed decisions.  At the same time, many may become fearful in making big decisions when they realize how irrationally most of our decisions are made.  ..." (A Reader from Marysville, Ohio USA)

    Open Leadership: How Social Technology Can Transform the Way You Lead by Charlene Li "I would recommend this book to anybody involved at all stages of creating, implementing, and monitoring Social Media efforts.  ..." (A Reader from Coamo, Puerto Rico)

    Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose by Tony Hsieh "...came into our lives when we wanted to learn more about how-to deliver happiness in every aspect of our life.  This book is about making a difference by living your purpose with passion." (Reviewed by Dr. Rae)

    The Stress of Life by Hans Selye "...Strongly recommended for health professionals with an interest in the scientific foundation for mind-body medicine.  A must read for the lay person with an interest in stress adaptation and how the brain processes life stressors." (A Reader from W. Barnstable, Massachusetts USA)

    End Procrastination Now!: Get it Done with a Proven Psychological Approach by William Knaus, Ed.D. "If there is any way that you can get off that procrastination hook, it is worth it at almost any price!  I speak from experience because I was better at procrastination than anyone I knew.  ...BOTTOM LINE:  If you procrastinate and want to stop....Put "End Procrastination Now" at the top of your reading list!" (A Reader from Monson, Massachusetts USA)

  The Wow Factor: The 33 Things You Must (and Must Not) Do to Guarantee Your Edge in Today's Business World by Frances Cole Jones " for any business person seeking to reinvent themselves given new times and challenges, from executives to recent graduates facing business competition and more.  Three key sections tell how to change common attitudes, habits and skills, get a resume to the top of the pipe and network more effectively, and take a range of steps to make things happen." (A Reader from Oregon, Wisconsin USA)

Successful Selling: How to Attract, Manage, Close & Keep More Business in a Buyer-Centric World by Matt Heinz "...This book covers topics such as:  How to get three hours back every day.  Five tips to avoid call reluctance and reach new prospects.  How to build a list of your competitor s customers.  12 tips for building & managing a bigger sales pipeline.  How to build thought leadership and influence.  How to achieve a frictionless sale every time.  And much more!" (Book Description)

   What If? and Why Not?: How to Transform Your Fears Into Action and Start the Business of Your Dreams by Jen Groover "...helps you to focus on the positive and is the bridge to the life you want to live. The book has lots of helpful information useful in building your company also more importantly your self-concept allowing you to reach your full potential." (A Reader)

   Trust-Based Selling: Using Customer Focus and Collaboration to Build Long-Term Relationships by Charles H. Green "...a must read for not only the sales professional but for any executive who deals with people and has to sell ideas, budgets or plans - so that's just about everyone!  ...Your organization would do well to: adopt the four fundamental principles of...; move from being seller-focused to being client-focused; collaborate rather than compete with your customers; care about customers for their sakes - thereby increasing your sales and customer retention rates; and develop the perspective that "the relationship is the customer."  Get it, read it and put it into practice." (A Reader from Lake Forest, California USA)

   Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead: What Every Business Can Learn from the Most Iconic Band in History by David Meerman Scott and Brian Halligan "...Nobody likes the hard-sell but with the soft-sell of social media, you can turn customers into fans.  Give away your thought-leading content, and those who value your insights will return to you when they're ready to buy." (A Reader from Gainesville, Virginia USA)

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  Anywhere: How Global Connectivity is Revolutionizing the Way We Do Business by Emily Nagle Green "...presents...important implications of global and local telecommunication connectivity for worldwide business and the general public.   Important and interesting examples of connected technology,...a vital and engaging book both for all businesses that will be affected by connected technology in the next few years, as well all of us who will live their lives with many everyday objects, devices and other people continuously connected to the wireless network.  ..." (A Reader from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA)

  The Economics of Integrity: From Dairy Farmers to Toyota, How Wealth Is Built on Trust and What That Means for Our Future by Anna Bernasek "...illustrates in a clear and compelling way how great a role trust and trustworthiness play in everyday transactions in a developed country.  ..." (A Reader from Melbourne, Australia)

  Do More Great Work: Stop the Busywork, Start the Work That Matters by Michael Bungay Stanier "...The practical hands-on element of this book and that it is written to consume in bite-sized chunks really makes it a top addition to anyone seeking to spend more time producing great work.  ..." (A Reader from Sydney, Australia)

  Mojo: How to Get It, How to Keep It, How to Get It Back if You Lose It by Marshall Goldsmith "...a good flow of ideas and challenge us in every chapter to rethink the way we approach our day to day." (A Reader)

  The Little Big Things: 163 Ways to Pursue EXCELLENCE by Thomas J, Peters “If you truly believe ‘excellence’ is what Tom Peters is all about, then you will buy this book, read it, learn from it and go away confirmed in your belief.   Tom’s 163 tips are validated through experience again and again.” (Reviewed by Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The Leader in Me)

  Power of 2: How to Make the Most of Your Partnerships at Work and in Life by Rodd Wagner and Gale Muller “... found this book hard to put down.  What struck the application of the Power of 2 not only to work situations but to life in general.  Loved the great stories using real people.  Read it." (A Reader from London, UK)

  The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use Social Media, Blogs, News Releases, Online Video, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly by David Meerman Scott "...From my perspective, the best thing about this book is that everyone can gain value from it.  There are...many places you can start applying these new rules of marketing and PR.  For example, I'm an experienced blogger, considered an expert in my field and already have a strong online presence.  Yet I'm immediately going to start applying the lessons in Chapter 14: How to Use News Releases to Reach Buyers Directly.  ..." (Reviewed by Jill Konrath, author of Selling to Big Companies)

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  Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith "This one's a keeper.  If you do business online (or do business with people who have ever been online) or know someone who once used a computer, I strongly suggest you get smart about the ideas in this book." (Reviewed by Seth Godin)

  Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation by Sally Hogshead "...focuses on what's truly important: the universal triggers that captivate and motivate consumers on a deep emotional level.  ...makes me excited about the future of marketing.  ..." (A Reader from Birmingham, Alabama USA)

  World Wide Rave: Creating Triggers that Get Millions of People to Spread Your Ideas and Share Your Stories by David Meerman Scott " of the most important books about marketing in the Internet Era that I have read.  ... After reading the 194 pages, I sat back, and thought, Wow!" (A Reader from Arlington, Virginia USA)

  Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? by Seth Godin "...I highly recommend this book.  You cannot avoid being affected by it, and it's quite possible that the world will not avoid being affected by you as a result.  I'll be buying several copies for people I care about." (A Reader from Keller, Texas USA)

  Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel H. Pink "...a good starting point if you are new to thinking about how to encourage people to accomplish more." (A Reader from Boston, Massachusetts USA)

  Unfolding: The Perpetual Science of Your Soul's Work Julia Mossbridge "...Written by a stellar neuroscientist, ...has the scope of a logical step-by-step method of revealing your inner self to meet your outer persona.  This is a resource for both the left and right brain to work in unison.
..." (A Reader)

  eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale by Ardath Albee "...I recommend this book for salespeople and marketing pros who need to understand how to position enterprise solutions in today's sales 2.0 landscape." (A Reader from San Francisco, California USA)

  Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone by Mark Goulston M.D. "...shares...techniques and the secret to...effective communication.  From studies on how the brain switches from 'no' to 'yes' responses to how to talk at a higher brain level for better positive results, ...a guide no business library should be without." (A Reader from Oregon, Wisconsin USA)

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  Awesomely Simple: Essential Business Strategies for Turning Ideas Into Action by John Spence "...a truly masterful job of taking the many disparate aspects of effectively managing a business and woven them into a logical, actionable and "Awesomely Simple" context.  The book really flows and contains genuine tools -- something that so many business books do not deliver.  This is very powerful information that will enable many businesses to improve and thrive.   If you only read one business book this year, make it this one!" (A Reader from Ormond Beach, Florida USA)

  Your Best Year Yet!: A Proven Method for Making the Next Twelve Months the Most Successful Ever by Jinny S. Ditzler "...a masterpiece of clarity, concisely written...for planning your life, for achieving goals in keeping with your vision, goals born out of your values and it does so in a practical down to earth manner." (A Reader)

  Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way: The 7 Traits of Great Sellers by Ron Karr " a B2B sales manifesto.  ... describes...the power of...clear vision and accountability structures.  ...takes a strategic look at selling.  ...does an excellent job of showing you how to calculate and articulate a compelling value proposition.  In today's economy, most buyers who tell you that they don't have budget are...telling you that your idea or solution is just not a priority.  ...Low response rates...are a reflection of priority, not a question of your prospect's time or resources.  ..." (A Reader from Bend, Oregon USA)

  Personal Development for Smart People : The Conscious Pursuit of Personal Growth by Steve Pavlin "...a very informative book.  The first section begins by outlining the 3 main principles of personal development, upon which 4 supporting principles are based.  ...helps clear the clutter I had previously associated with the self-help industry.  Now I can use these principles as a kind of standard to benchmark other self-help material to see if it is valid and applicable to my life.  These principles have helped shape my belief system to ensure my future success.  The second section is filled with TONS of practical ways to apply these principles to your daily life..." (A Reader from Boston, Massachusetts USA)

  Problem Solving 101: A Simple Book for Smart People by Ken Watanabe "I am a business book junkie.  Most go in a drawer.   A few go to the top of the desk.  "The Toyota Way", "Ready, Fire, Aim", "Blue Ocean Strategy", "The Four Hour Work Week",... and now "Problem Solving 101".  These books are within reach all the time because they are that useful.  Outstanding and creative document!  Buy it!" (A Reader from Denver USA)

  The 168 Hour Week: Living Life Your Way 24-7 by Kevin Hogan "...I have often asked myself, "Why do some people get so much accomplished while others simply can't get anything done?"  Well, the answer is in this book.  If you follow the system as outlined in the book and integrate it into your life you'll amaze yourself with what you'll accomplish."
(A Reader from Solana Beach, California USA)

  Talk Less, Say More: Three Habits to Influence Others and Make Things Happen by Connie Dieken "...Communication is the single greatest challenge in business today.  ...takes just 3 habits to conquer...Less wordiness.  Less tune-out.  Less frustration.  You'll gain more time.  More positive outcomes.  More rewarding relationships." (Editorial Review)

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