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The Baum Group
Dr. Rae and Associates

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5703 Elmer Street
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA 15232
Phone & Fax: 412-441-7650

Advocates for Finding a Cure for Cancer
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Stand Up To Cancer

"Find solutions by turning obstacles into opportunities"


World Leader of Stress News
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Changing the world with care
by empowering businesses, families, and individuals
to live on purpose since 1972

Supporting, providing for, and promoting prevention
Celebrating 24 wonderful years on the 'net

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Business Description
An association of personal coaches, and professional consultants;
including bioenergetic analysts stress educator entrepreneurs

Our Mission
  • Contribute daily to the quality of your life
    by using our creativity, and enthusiasm to support, inspire,
    and encourage you to invest in yourself with less distress.
  • Focus on your well-being.
  • Help you live the life you want
    by being your total resource for what effects
    your stress reactions, and your well-being.
  • Make a difference in your life by delivering
    products, and services -- globally.
  • By providing you with diversified products, and services that respond quickly, and effectively to change our heartbeat, and signature service "Getting a Handle on Your Stress," and "Your Stress Matters" offers you programs on couple, family, marital, and marketing, organizational effectiveness, skills in entrepreneurship, strategic growth, and stress management with personalized information products that differ from others because they focus on awareness, and choice as a way to manage the effects of change we all experience.  Specifically, our stress education management programs help you, your family, and your business develop a profile of stress indicators (symptoms), and stressors (causes).

    With this information we focus on your energy, your family's energy, and your business' energy by using Bioenergetic Analysis, a body-mind approach to health, and well-being founded by Dr. Alexander Lowen, M.D. This body-mind approach studies human energy, and the causes of energy blocks.

    By teaching people about stress, and how-to avoid stressors (causes) that may trigger their stress reactions, we assist them manage, and overcome their stress indicators (symptoms).

    We expect our information products, and services to save you money in health-care costs.

    One final note
    Even though you need stress to live,
    your finances, health, and well-being are impacted
    when you ask your body to do more
    than your body can handle.

    Yes, you can manage, and overcome your stress reactions.

    Stress Education & Management online
    with daily, and weekly Stress Tips at no charge here.

    Your Weekly Message.
    ...and much, much more.

    Ask your stress questions online with complete privacy
    by contacting The Baum Group.

    Initial online consultation is complimentary,
    after that, unlimited online consultation, and personalized resources
    $998. per month per person.

    Other Fee and Payment Options

    Name Your Price
    Stand Up To Cancer

    Payment in advance.

    American Cancer Society

    Disclaimer: We provide stress education & management through Bioenergetic Analysis.  We do not provide medical or psychological advice.  We work with you to help you look at your situation in another way.

    Tax Deductible

    In the U.S. all expenses of continuing education taken
    to maintain, and improve business, and professional skills
    are tax deductible

    (Treas. Reg. 1-162-5, CoughlinVs.Commissioner, 203F 2d 307)
    Contact your tax consultant for further information

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    Membership Benefits
    Personalized programs, stress tips
    to maintain a stress-free healthy lifestyle.
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