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Center for Entrepreneurial Business Spirit
Entrepreneur Performance Transformation Services

The Baum Group/Dr. Rae and Associates have launched a Center for Entrepreneurial Business Spirit that brings together their expertise in research and consulting to help clients' solve their business problems.

This center's purpose is to advance their initiative "Entrepreneur Performance Transformation Services."

This service is about creatively applying cutting-edge information in ways that improve client business performance.

Projects under this performance transformation service consists of...

1. working smarter with less stress by outside experts with capabilities necessary to offer clients their services.

2. tackling obstacles faced by clients as well as looking for opportunities to provide services and products useful to companies in specific industries.

For example, looking at information for a specific company can help improve a more broader group of companies by assessing the applied information to forecasting what can be turned into a service for other companies.

"This is not a consulting program," Dr. Rae stipulates. "It is service that brings together very sophisticated personnel to help solve business problems."

"We have identified factors for business effectiveness.  Request your no-cost analysis of how well your business embodies these factors, and how your business can be tweaked for greater effectiveness."

Dr. Rae and The Baum Group have been helping businesses, families and individuals since 1972.  They use their creativity and enthusiasm to encourage and support you.  Their services are professional and confidential.  And... they are ready to help you.

This service is custom-designed which means
services and prices are adjusted to your needs and requirements.

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Put their 46 years of experience
to work for you and start engaging!

Bioenergetic Analysis for Personal,
Business and Corporate Performance
Strategic Planning and Stress Consultation

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