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World Leader of Stress News
[No One Deals With, and Manages Stress Like We Do]

Changing the world with care
by empowering businesses, families, and individuals
to live on purpose since 1972

Supporting, providing for, and promoting prevention
Celebrating 23 wonderful years on the 'net

"...finding solutions for businesses, families, and individuals
by turning obstacles into opportunities."


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Your Business, and Personal
Concierge Services

F o r B u s y L i v e s

Here is where clients share an interest in providing benefits that enhance productivity, and improve the quality of life for their families, their friends, their employees, their clients, and themselves.

"Avoid denying, and rationalizing reality!"
"What do you like, and love about your self?"

An ideal program is proactive
Instead of curing symptoms you learn to prevent them
Instead of reacting you learn to overcome your reaction
Look for cause rather than solution

You are a leader by helping others manage their reactions with this unique "On-Line Concierge Resource Service."

Create Your Future Today offers one-of-a-kind information products, and resources that do not exist until you tell Dr. Rae, and The Baum Group what you need.  We locate what you need or create what you need through this Concierge Service.  Tell us what you are looking for, we then find what you are looking for -- for you, and only charge you for our time.

Your needs are met with this custom-designed service because products, and services are specifically designed for your needs.  This means that products, services, and prices are adjusted to your needs, and your requirements.

Dr. Rae, and The Baum Group have been helping businesses, families, and individuals since 1972.  We use our creativity, and enthusiasm to encourage, and support you.  And... we are ready to help you with services that are both confidential, and professional.

How can we help you feel more confident today?

Dream Big,
and "create your future today"
by letting us know your needs, and requirements.

Free Estimates ~ Excellent Prices

Put our 46 years of experience to work for you.

Bioenergetic Analysis for Personal,
Business, and Corporate Performance
Strategic Planning, and Stress Consultation

Phone & Fax 412-441-7650

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for your Complimentary Special Report

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