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Lifelong eLearning
Distance Program


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Your Lifelong eLearning Distance Program
is NOW on your Wireless Media Device

The Baum Group announce that through their web site direct marketing network they are selling Internet-based educational programs.  The Baum Group are committed to bringing to the marketplace the best in educational products and services. creatively revolutionizes education by delivering subject content directly to your desktop, your PDA, Palm™, Pocket PC™ and WAP phone.

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"Since 1972 our company has been dedicated to serving the needs of our clients," says Dr. Rae, founder and CEO of The Baum Group.  "Providing our clients with Lifelong eLearning Distance Program courses gives them access to affordable education that is designed to help them excel in their daily endeavors."

"We are finding that and the Lifelong eLearning Distance Program courses' objectives meshed very well," says Dr. Rae, coordinator of the newly designed and developed Lifelong eLearning Distance Program.  "Our focus on developing relationships is ideal for selling educational products and services successfully.  Tapping into network allows our Lifelong eLearning Distance Program to reach new clients in a more efficient and effective manner."

Lifelong eLearning Distance Program courses are retrievable on-demand and in "real time" over the Internet.  Courses can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and as many times as desired.

Course categories include:
  * Business strategy with Gary Lockwood
      Six Ways to Get Breakthroughs in Your Enterprise
  * Desktop publishing with {to be decided}
  * Information Products, Research Seminars, Proactive Programs with
      The Baum Group {Click here for descriptions}
  * Program and Development with Bob Osgoodby
      Advance Marketing: Doing Business on the Net and Beyond
      Web Site Creation and Design
  * "Introducing Blog Topics: Master Class" mentoring with independent       representative* Chris Brogan
  * "Social media from scratch" mentoring with independent       representative* Mark W. Schaefer

Pricing and Availability:
With the exception of "Introducing Blog Topics: Master Class" mentoring with Chris Brogan, and "Social media from scratch" mentoring with Mark W. Schaefer, the pricing is set up as a yearly subscription-based model.  Subscribers pay $39.90 per month and receive initially two courses of their choice.  Subscribers have access to all two courses as long as they subscribe to Lifelong eLearning Distance Programs.  To subscribe to new courses, subscribers pay a one-time fee of $39.90 per additional course.  Lifelong eLearning Distance Program subscribers can build a training library over time to include an unlimited amount of courses and still only pay $39.90 per month.

Tax Deductible

In the U.S. all expenses of continuing education taken
to maintain and improve business and professional skills
are tax deductible

(Treas. Reg. 1-162-5, CoughlinVs.Commissioner, 203F 2d 307)
Contact your tax consultant for further information

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Lifelong eLearning Distance Program subscriptions can also be obtained through Lifelong eLearning Distance Program *independent representatives, or by sending an e-mail to The Baum Group.

About The Baum Group:
The Baum Group, a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based Business Consulting company, is an innovative provider of personal and organizational products and services for businesses, families and individuals since 1972.  Lifelong eLearning Distance Program is their next evolution in direct marketing, combining the power of one-to-one relationships with the emerging global Internet opportunity.

Through network of *independent representatives, the company offers an array of integrated, high quality, services and products.

For more information about The Baum Group see their Business Card.

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