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Manage, and Overcome
Your Stress Indicators/Reactions
with Stressors B.E.A.N.
[Breathing. Environment. Attitude. Nutrition]

~ make overcoming your distress, and eustress ~
~ fun & easy ~

Private Self-Directed eClasses with Dr. Rae at Your Home or Office

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American Cancer Society

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~ False Expectations Appearing Real ~

Stressors are tools on how-to deal with stress issues.

Do you want to take charge of your life, and your well-being?  Do you prefer to focus on your distress, and eustress issues?  Do you want help, and privacy?

Private eClasses may be what you are looking for.

Each private eClass focuses on one common StressBuster, delivers actionable tips, provides an opportunity for questions, and includes follow-up eMail answers to related questions for one week after the eClass at no extra charge. .

It is strongly recommended that you sign up for four (4) Self-Directed eClasses.  Each private eClass listed below is approximately 15 minutes, and costs $90. (USD)

Special bonus offer: One complimentary eClass available only to those who purchase Jeffrey Gitomerís new book "21.5 Unbreakable Laws of Selling"   Send an eMail with your name, eMail address, purchase verification, and what StressBuster eClass you want to attend.

Everyone else may sign-up by clicking on the online secure financial institution logo below, then send an eMail with your name, eMail address, and what StressBuster Self-Directed eClasses you want to attend, and we'll get started.

StressBuster #1:  Breathing
~ Breathing is a stressor. Natural, and normal breathing is a valuable tool for your emotional, and physical health, and well being. Check your breathing to see when your breathing is jammed, natural, reversed or shallow.

StressBuster #2:  Environment
~ Environment is a stressor. Awareness of your body's response to this stressor is the first step to managing, and overcoming your indicators, your reactions. The choice is yours.

StressBuster #3:  Attitude
~ Attitude is a stressor. Change your attitude, the way you look at/see things, and see your world change. Killer attitudes are: frustration, negativity, resentment, and self-pity. Life producing attitudes are: appreciation of others, and self; diversification of actions, and thoughts; and realistic goals.

StressBuster #4:  Nutrition
~ Nutrition is a stressor. Nutrition is a valuable tool for your emotional, physical health, and your well-being. Are nitrates, and preservatives in the foods you eat? Drinking caffeine creates reactions. Your body is telling you what choices to make.

All private self-directed eClasses are with Dr. Rae, Founder & CEO of The Baum Group.  As a consultant, author, and speaker, Dr. Rae has been changing the world with care by helping businesses, families, and individuals since 1972.

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Special discount offer : Register for all four (4) private self-directed eClasses at the same time for $360. and you receive a gift certificate for another eClass of your choice at no charge.  Give it as a gift to yourself, a friend, relative, client or associate.

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Tax Deductible

In the U.S. all expenses of continuing education taken
to maintain and improve business and professional skills
are tax deductible

(Treas. Reg. 1-162-5, CoughlinVs.Commissioner, 203F 2d 307)
Contact your tax consultant for further information

Disclaimer:  All information is provided largely through the discipline of Bioenergetic Analysis.  We do not provide medical or psychological advice.  We work with you, and help you look at, and overcome your stress reactions in another way.

The information presented is for educational purposes only.  You must seek prompt attention for any specific condition, and situation.

We reserve the right to edit, and/or exclude, any/all issues that do not meet the needs, and requirements of our visitors.

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