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Employee Assistance Initiative (EAI)
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Do you have the resources to retain your most valuable assets, your employees?  Protect your company's bottom line and workplace health with our solutions.

No matter how powerful your marketing and advertising campaigns may be, nothing can compare to the instant infusion your business will receive with The Baum Group's Employee Assistance Initiative and Employee Assistance Program.

The stakes are getting higher as companies lure prospective employees.  One way to insure that employees of your company remain and thrive is to provide them with a reason and we have 6 reasons for you.

Leverage your most valuable employees

Retain, enhance performance and increase productivity

Incident intervention

Safe, alcohol, and drug-free workplace

Train and develop existing personnel

Information and referral services

Programs are custom-designed which means programs and prices are adjusted to your needs and requirements.

Services are professional, confidential and customized which means services and prices are adjusted to your needs and requirements.

The Baum Group have been helping businesses, families and individuals with care since 1972; and they are ready to help employers increase productivity, enhance performance and retain valuable employees.

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For a healthy and productive workplace, put our 40 years of experience in behavior management programs to work for you.

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