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The Baum Group is pleased to offer this prestigious list of professional resource people, our associates, colleagues and friends.  Since 1972, we have been helping businesses, families and individuals, and have met very valuable professional resource people.  With this Professional Resources and Bonus Gifts Directory, we acknowledge and share with you their names, web site, area of expertise, and bonus gifts they are offering to you when you purchase your Motivational News You Can Use eBook.

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Dr. Rae and Associates ~ ~ personal and business coaching and much, much more!  [Bonus Gift ~ Monthly Membership to "Daily StressTips" helps you stay focused and on purpose with less stress when read throughout your day ~ Value $18.99]

Mary Lou Andre ~ Dressing Well ~ personal and professional image resource.

Michael E. Angier ~ Success Networks International ~ personal and professional coaching.

Jon Buscall, Ph.D. ~Jontus Media : Digital, Design & Marketing Services ~ digital, design and marketing services

Jim Daniels ~ Web Business Wizard ~ web marketing.

Abbie Drew ~ DEMC ~ helping you improve your online small business profits.

Richard Duval ~ PhotoTunes ~ a site for sore eyes.

Gladys B. Edmunds ~ There's No Business Like Your Own Business ~ practical and holistic steps for entrepreneurial success.

Kevin Eikenberry ~ The Kevin Eikenberry Group ~ a learning company.  [Bonus Gift ~ 6 Month Membership to Powerquotes Plus provides you with powerful quotations, provocative questions to reflect on, and practical actions to improve your life.  Have a more productive day when you receive daily coaching, inspiration and motivation in your inbox ~ Value $30.00]

Bea Fields ~ ~ personal and professional coaching.

Buford P. Fuddwhacker ~ Fuddwhacker Consulting ~ motivational speaking, team-building, and marketing consulting.

Allan Gardyne ~ Associate ~ revenue sharing.

Jeffrey Gitomer ~ ~ sales strategies.  [Bonus Gift ~ Why People Buy ~ Value $Priceless]

Dr. Robert Glazer, Ph.D. ~ Bioenergetics Press ~ where all publications by Alexander Lowen, M.D. are sold.

Barbara Hemphill ~ Hemphill Productivity Institute ~ where organizing is an art with America's favorite organizer.

Dr. Philip E Humbert ~ The Philip E. Humbert Group, Inc. ~ coaching to achieve your goals and live your dreams!

Robert Imbriale ~ Ultimate Wealth, Inc. ~ motivational marketing.

Mark Joyner ~ Integration Marketing ~ marketing.

Ron Karr ~ Karr Associates, Inc. ~ maximize your business.

Michael J. Katz ~ Blue Penguin Development ~ development of customized, interactive, high quality electronic newsletters.

Brett Krkosska ~ ~ tools to start, expand, and promote your home business.

Greg Landry, M.S. ~ Greg Landry, M.S., Exercise Physiologist ~ exercise physiology.

Gary Lockwood ~ BizSuccess ~ business success coaching.

Wanda Loskot ~ Success Connection ~ business building.

Ken McCarthy ~ The "System" ~ the best kept secret in cyberspace.

Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D. ~ Ted Talks ~ how to make stress your friend

Joseph A. Michelli, Ph.D. ~ The Michelli Experience ~ "...highlights the importance of investing in the growth and development of...people."

Julie Morgenstern ~ Task Masters ~ professional organizer.

Dr. Iris Nahemow ~ Nahemow Associates ~ helping non-profits grow.

Freda Newman, RNC ~ Freda Care - Nutritional Analysis ~ nutritional health and well-being.

Mershon Bell Niesner ~ Women's Advantage ~ personal and professional coaching.

Dr. Kevin Nunley ~ ~ internet promotion.

Bob Osgoodby ~ Advance Marketing ~ business marketing.

Raleigh Pinskey ~ The Raleigh Group ~ viz-ability marketing and public relations.

Christina Pirello ~ Christina Cooks ~ whole foods cooking.

David Riklan ~ Self Improvement Online, Inc. online self-improvement encyclopedia.

Michelle Riklan ~ Riklan Résumé and Career Services ~ HR consulting, training and corporate services, and a variety of management and leadership .

Nancy Roebke ~ Profnet, Inc. ~ networking.  [Bonus Gift ~ "Network Your Way To Success" - I've put the basic tools and techniques learned from 21 years in professional networking into a 16 page ebooklet, that you can use yourself or give your staff.  This will teach them, step by step, how to use networking as a powerful and profitable marketing tool. ~ Value $6.00]

Mark W. Schaefer ~ Schaefer Marketing Solutions (Grow) ~ marketing solutions, social media services and products.

Evan I. Schwartz ~ Webonomics ~ web commerce.

Dr. Rhoberta Shaler ~ ~ tools and strategies for Optimization™

Paul Siegel ~ Learning Fountain Marketing ~ business internet marketing and website design.

Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D. ~ Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D. ~ heart disease prevention and reversal.

Jayme Soulati. ~ Business-to-Business Social Media Marketing with Public Relations ~ branding yourself with message marketing.

Dr. Robert A. Sullivan ~ The Small Business Advisor ~ starting and operating a small or home-based business.

Jan Tincher ~ Tame Your Brain ~ healing the mind.  [Bonus Gift ~ Success Ebook ~ Value $19.99]

Dr. Joe Vitale ~ Mr. Fire~ copywriting, promotion and marketing consulting.

Dr. Donald E. Wetmore ~ Time Management & Personal Productivity Seminars ~ executive and professional speaker coaching.

Irena Whitfield ~ ~ internet business consultants for the 3rd millennium.  [Bonus Gift ~ 77 Questions & Answers to Ezine Success.  This Special Handbook by Irena Whitfield is the Ultimate Ezine Publishing Manual You Should Definitely Have if You Want to Succeed in Ezine Publishing.  Pathway To Success Ezine has grown from 25,000 into over 138,000 Subscribers in less than a year! Want to know how?   Learn it here! ~ Value $49.95]

Chris Widener ~ Leader of a New Generation ~ personal and professional coaching.

Romanus Wolter ~ The Kick Start Guy ~ provides action steps that close the gap between goals and success.  [Bonus Gift ~ author of "Kick Start Your Success"and "Kick Start Your Dream Business"; Entrepreneur magazine’s Success Coach; and Trump’s Personal Success Expert is offering a copy of "Octopus Marketing : A Guide to Successful Networking" ~ Value $9.95]

Marcia Yudkin ~ Creative Marketing Solutions ~ innovative marketing.

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