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This TalkBack survey is to gather information about your stress matters in your business, personal, and professional life!   What do you want to know about, and need support on your stress matters.

Your answers are going to help us give you what you want to know about your stress matters for future blogs, courses, events, eNewsletters, and social media StressBytes, StressQuestions, and StressTips.

Please complete this TalkBack survey!

In appreciation of your participation, and as a thank you gift you are going to receive your very own StressTracker with our compliments, and gratitude.

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Will a different color scheme help keep your interest?
Is this the only one thing you want to see us change?
Do you find it hard to find what you are looking for to make decisions to sign up as one of our affiliates, and subscribers?
Do you forget what page you visited last?
Do you have time to visit all of the pages we have for you?
Is it important to you that we focus on all matters of stress -- business, personal, and professional?
Does it ruin your day when you do not have the time to read all of the resources on
Do you constantly feel as if you want more?
Do you have issues with any of our resources?
Do you want help in building your own web site?
In the past year have you had three or more reasons that could have been resolved by
Do you dislike any of our products, and services?
Do you get upset when you have to pay for our products, and services?
Are you easily distracted from staying on
Do you find it difficult to tell us what you want?
Do you dislike the design, the colors, and the focus of
Does your visit feel as if you are not in control?
Are you resentful when we ask you fill out our forms?
Have you lost your way while visiting
Was the last time you took this TalkBack survey over a year ago?

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Count one point for each "yes".  The closer your score is to 20, the higher your score indicates what you consider EXTREMELY important.   If your score is 10 or above let us know what you are interested in so we can fix it.   Be sure you do something because with your score, you need to have -- your way!

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