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Consulting Services
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The Baum Group/Dr. Rae and Associates is an association of professional consultants (preeminent specialists in their respective fields) specializing in Personal and Business Services.

Under their signature service getting a handle on your stress employee assistance programs, and programs on couple, family, marital and organizational effectiveness, strategic growth, marketing, stress management and skills in entrepreneurship are currently being offered.

Click here for details on Information Products to get you from where you are to where you want to be by helping you find your solutions to your concerns.

Now offering "in-depth service personalized to meet your needs and concerns."

This is how we earn your trust and your business...

We prepare information, services or reports for you that show you how to improve your utilization of what we offer, whether you use our services or not.

We sign clients up on a monthly retainer contract for years at a time.  This long-term retainer service includes daily, weekly and monthly phone and eMail sessions.

We recommend a minimum of 10 sessions with 24/7 follow-up by phone to bring the results you require.

Consultation by phone with a hard copy follow-up.

Consultation by eMail and regular mail.

When necessary, on-site consultation would involve an extra charge for travel and expenses.

We donate 30% of our profits to The American Cancer Society

FEE and PAYMENT OPTIONS : 10 sessions
[Fees reflect our 44 years of experience and training]

Initial Consultation Fee ~ $360.

Fee per person : $2998. for one person; $2798. for 2 to 20 people; $2498. for 21 to 40 people; $2298. for 41 to 60 people; $2198. for 61 to 110 people.  More than 110 people is negotiated.  All fees are paid in advance.


When appropriate, we offer our services on a contingency basis, where we only get paid for results.  We help you for 25% of your profit revenue as a result of our work.


$10,000. a month for one year, we turn our knowledge and resources into an eMail advisory consulting program (aka Annual Service Plan) with eMail follow-up.


Annual Fee that can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually rather than weekly or monthly fees.


Retainer based on your needs and requirements.  Balance to be paid upon results.


Name Your Price

Help us Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) For every $10.00 you spend on our products, and services we donate $3.00

Tax Deductible

In the U.S. all expenses of continuing education taken
to maintain and improve business and professional skills
are tax deductible

(Treas. Reg. 1-162-5, CoughlinVs.Commissioner, 203F 2d 307)
Contact your tax consultant for further information

Currently accepting payments by US mail with (US) check or (US) money order or pay directly through our online secure financial institution.   Just click banner logo below and you are on your way to the easiest payment plan ever.

Make Your Payment Here
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Make your check/money order payable to:
Dr. Rae Baum Associates

Mail your check/money order to:

Dr. Rae Baum Associates
c/o The Baum Group
5703 Elmer Street
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA 15232


Send an eMail to receive information on coaching and consulting service packages for your company to be more effective; and to include yourself and your friends on our preferred eList for a copy of The Life Skills Series.

Click Here to purchase the Getting A Handle On Your Stress
(Booklet ~ Out of Print--Availability: CD ~ 2nd edition ~ coming soon)

Contact The Baum Group/Dr. Rae and Associates online, or call

Phone & Fax 412-441-7650

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