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Feng Shui and Money Matters

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Share your ideas on and experiences with Feng Shui and its influence on money matters.  And, with your permission we will present them here.

Just in from Jim McCormick...

Feng Shui Strategies for Business Success by T. Raphael Simons  Thank you Jim for bringing this book to our attention.

Thank you Michaela McCormick for your illuminating comments on this inspiring book.

This is a good book for the student of Feng Shui whose focus is the business environment.  It has an elegant and easy to follow structure.

The first section deals with you, formulating, amongst other aspects, the type of business in which you are most likely to prosper or the elements that are in harmony with the business that you happen to be in.  The same techniques can be applied to business relationships to uncover potential conflicts and cooperative ventures.

These and other elements can be entered in a Personal Data log for easier reference and to act as a handy tool for forecasting the business year ahead and to be used in conjunction with the second section which considers the best arrangements for your work space.

As the majority of us have a deep interest in our careers and welcome any additional insight, this is an fascinating place for the beginner to start.  The basic concepts are introduced in a straightforward way and are simple to apply.  It will even assist you to forecast your future.

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Background : Dr. Rae began a discussion on "Feng Shui and Money Matters" with readers of Paul Siegel's LearningFOUNT, a discussion list about business strategy--an incubator for community-building ideas.

Join the discussion here...

From: Dr. Rae

We have recently become interested in the discipline of Feng Shui, and want to know its influence on money matters.

Any information you share with us is greatly appreciated.

Yours with a Passion4Profits,
Dr. Rae for The Baum Group

From: Cheryle

I use Feng Shui in business as much as I can.

I started using it, to increase business opportunities, and to apply for Money Grants, and to win a lawsuit against a former employer, and everything has been successful!

I use feng shui to help win competitive contracts, and to bring more customers, into the business.  I used feng shui to find my lucky directions and unlucky directions, and how to activate the Wealth and money luck sheng shi.

I use feng shui to cure afflicted areas during flying star feng shui, and now I can predict when cash flow might be a bit slower than usual, cause even though customers have money, they take along time to part with it!

When I experience any trouble in business, I just look up my feng shui or chinese calendar, almanac for that day, and then decide what day to fix business stuff on, instead of wasting energy and time, on a day that will not be successful, to me.

I now recognize more opportunities than before, coming my way, and I know now how to beckon, them to me.

So far, everything I have used feng shui for, has turned out to be successful, so I will keep on using it!

Hip Hip Horray for feng shui!

From: Jim McCormick

I have to be careful about what I am saying, as my wife is an aficionado of the subject.  I first came across the concept in Singapore many years ago as there were problems over the site for a bank.   The architect said one thing and the Feng Shui Master said another.  The Feng Shui Master won the debate.

Businesses are increasingly using what might be described as alternative business planning: Feng Shui, Astrology including Chinese Astrology, graphology and psychometric testing.

However, when the unnecessary mysticism is stripped away the discipline makes considerable sense.  I am by predisposition an early morning person.  My best direction for working is facing East.

Feng Shui analysis confirmed this and my wife rearranged my office accordingly.  I thought little of it at the time until I was working on my laptop which is normally on another desk.  The work did not go well at all and I became fractious.  My wife suggested that I take a break and move the laptop on to another desk.  The work began to flow again.

I complimented her on her support.  She waved my compliment aside.  "That other desk faces West," she said, "youčll never get anything done facing in that direction."  Coincidental, peculiar, what?

Feng Shui can also be used to suggest appropriate launch dates for new products, etc.  My own, rather skeptical view of this is that if you predict success, then you will probably achieve it.

It is not all that different to other forms of business planning, sales forecasts, future income streams and the like.  Most of these are based on dubious data and desperately poor statistical analysis.   But decisions are made without much questioning. Few people understand the math.

The shamans are still amongst us.  On the whole Feng Shui is as good as anything else and better than most, but you still have to be able to do some math.

As far as money is concerned, I understand that a well positioned 3 legged frog is part of the answer.  If nothing else it is a constant reminder of what business is mainly about.

Jim In this best of all possible worlds

From: Martin

Feng Shui examines the flow of "Chi" energy into the environment, the energy of the creative force can, according to this system, be channeled or vivisected by a variety of parameters.  Natural shapes in the environment such as furniture placement and lighting, as well as shapes created by these objects effect the flow of this Chi into a persons life.

We must be like water, energy flows through us, the shapes in our lives help to direct the current.

From: Paul Siegel

I, like Jim, say that you must "understand the math."  Where is the scientific evidence for this flow of energy?

From: Dr. Rae

Thank you Jim, and thank you Martin for your thought provoking responses.  I have been captivated by the possibilities of the discipline of Feng Shui for some time.

While the scientific jury is still out we must be mindful of all of the energy fields that impact every aspect of our lives.

As a bioenergetic analyst for the past 28 years, I have seen my clients' lives change significantly once they begin to release their energy.  They become more spontaneous, joyful, creative and full of grace.

Now that I am moving further into the digital world I have been touching more lives.  Lives that respond mostly to the material world.  Frequently, I find myself bridging the gap between the material world and the spiritual world.

Paul, if by scientific evidence you mean replicable evidence, there are volumes of supportive research that clearly reveal the impact of energy fields on our lives.

Although the evidence is anecdotal it must not be ignored.  I am sure you will agree that what we do not understand today, we will tomorrow.

Thanks to you Paul and The Learning Fountain community we are provided with endless possibilities.

From: Julie

Hi Everyone!

I use feng shui to make cleaning and organization fun....PLUS I have to say I do notice a difference as well.

My favorite feng shui spot is my desk, upon which I have everything arranged in the appropriate guas.  Under my keyboard each morning, for example, I place folders for all my work for the day.  In the upper left-hand corner I have beautiful crystal and silver.

Clutter is one of the biggies in most everyone's life it seems.   Making the whole process more spiritual, sacred and applying the entire process to making my life and business work makes it all more intentional.  Since my business is about living intentionally everyday, it all fits beautifully.

Thanks for engaging me in this conversation!

Passionately and Purposefully,

Julie Jordan Scott is a Life Purpose Coach and Author of "Don't Let it Take Two Death Threats: My Journey to Living Passionately Everyday".  For free passion resources and to explore powerful opportunities for your future, please visit or write

From: Jim McCormick

While I am not a student of Feng Shui, I would suggest that the evidence is more than anecdotal.  A better term might be epistemological or another form of knowledge.  My background is hard science (Chemistry) and for each effect there must be a cause and once that cause is isolated, the defined cause must always create the effect, albeit under specified conditions.

Feng Shui has been around for a long time and one way of looking at it is that its results appear to be statistically valid.   Naturally the Feng Shui Masters are not going to say, "It works but I have absolutely no idea how it works."  So they create a model of how it probably works.

Skeptics may see this as its greatest weakness, demanding that the energy fields must be measurable by one of HP's fine instruments.   Be that as it may, some would argue (Sir Karl Popper for one) that much of science proceeds along the same lines.  A speculation leads to a theory and as long as the application of that theory gives useful (preferably measurable) results, then the theory is valid until a better one comes along.

Part of that better theory is a search for a primary cause.   That search, of course, never ends, or at least shows no sign of ending, which keeps science healthy.

So do I believe in this energy theory?  Well, no, but then I do not have to believe in it.  The results, if any, speak for themselves.  However, I doubt if we will understand it tomorrow as we lack the intellectual tools.

Jim In this best of all possible worlds

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