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*** EMFs, Fluorescent Lighting and You ***

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This article on EMFs, Fluorescent Lighting and You by Dr. Rae Baum was originally published as EMFs and Public Health in the July 23, 2006 edition of Your Weekly Message as a Reader's Choice from a loyal reader of the One Minute Report.  Both are internationally acclaimed ePublications published by The Baum Group

Electrical current installed in homes and office walls creates significant electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

EMFs are environmental stressors with cumulative effects.

As these stressors increase they eventually compromise the ability to function.

If there is a predisposition to it, EMFs increase the likelihood of serious physical conditions developing such as allergies, illnesses and deteriorating health for adults, children and pets.

While the World Health Organization through its International EMF Project, is identifying research needs and coordinating a world-wide program of EMF studies to provide for a better understanding of any health risk associated with EMF exposure, placing particular emphasis is on the possible health consequences of low level EMF -- research and recent studies are finding that many cancers and other diseases may be directly related to exposure to these electrical fields.

Evidence is being found linking electromagnetic fields (EMFs) to impaired brain function, increased risk of cancer, headaches, fatigue, and degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Further, radiation from fluorescent lights weaken muscles, and affects the immunology system.  Other symptoms such as itching, burning eyes, feeling "spacey", etc. have been reported

Research on fluorescent lights was done by Dr. John M. Ott M.D.

Dr. Ott wrote excellent books on "Health and Light : The Effects of Natural and Artificial Light on Man and Other Living Things" "Light, Radiation and You" and more recently "Health and Light: The Extraordinary Study That Shows How Light Affects Your Health and Emotional Well Being."

As a stress educator cosultant I deal with stress-related issues, among them "feeling irritated, and being out of control."

When this environmental stressor is addressed with appropriate action taken, my clients find that they feel less anxious, irritated, spacey, tired and "out of control," their headache is gone, and their itching, burning eyes relieved.

Any environmental stressor that has this effect on physical health needs to be addressed; and benefits of radiation-shielded full-spectrum light have been reported.

Dr. Rae Baum, Ph.D.
All rights reserved

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