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This Journal Blog page was developed with you in mind.  It was developed to stimulate your creativity.  Feel free to use any of the ideas and projects described below for your business online and offline.

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Happy New Year 2006

March 15th : While reviewing this Journal Blog today we came across several links to other sites we visited that are no longer available.  Although we have no control over this situation, we apologize for the inconvenience.  We began to delete links to sites that are no longer available and then realized that would compromise the integrity of this Journal Blog, so we stopped...

Enjoy your visit, learn as much as you can from our entries and most of all, be original.   Open new frontiers by finding and living your purpose in life; and not your pain or disappointment.

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Journal Blog ("post your comments here")

February 25th : Meeting Kevin Eikenberry online several days ago created a buzzzzzzzz for our online business.

We located Kevin's web sites and eMail address using Google to inquire about the origin of "the mystery" of finding his name with no eMail address or any other contact information in our OE address book.

Kudos Kevin for linking to one of our signature URLs; finding and then sharing our "StressTest" with your Blog readers.

We visited one of your many (not to be missed) sites several times and plan to continue doing so since your sites are rich with resources and very rewarding.

You do the same.

You will be glad you did!!!

Sites to Re-Visit and Visit Today

The Kevin Eikenberry Group ("...investing in the potential of people...")
Magical Movies
Million Dollar Skills
Powerquotes Plus

February 22nd : We're back...

Each year, we compile our previous year's work and put them into an eCourse called the "Marketing in the 21st Century : Building Relationships with Less Distress" and give it to you free of charge.

We learned this approach from Ken McCarthy's "Pre-Seminar" free eCourse and we quote....

"Why on earth would I give away what other people charge thousands of dollars for in high-priced coaching programs and boot camps?

Simple...and there's a marketing lesson in it for you.

One word: Demonstration.

...Your prospects are intelligent people.

What they PROOF that you can deliver on your promises.

Isn't that what you want when you're a buyer?

There is no better way to proove that your product or service works than to DEMONSTRATE it in action.

...That's why every year, I give away more free, immediately actionable 'how to' information than you'll find in many paid products.

It works very well for my businesses and it's worked for every business I've ever seen that's tried it.

If you want to see my "Pre-System" Seminar in action and pick up more breakthrough ideas about marketing that you won't hear anywhere else, visit the "Pre-System" site today"

January 3rd : We have (and are planning) many new ideas for you during this coming year.  Begin now by taking Your Personal Tour and be sure to let us know what information you need to make your life and business prosper.

Happy New Year 2005

May 5th : During this rather long hiatus we have been concentrating on how to make more viable for you, and for us.  During the months since our last entry into this journal we have been searching for information, and then trying this information out prior to passing it along to you.  Finally we found some thing that has caught our attention and want to share it with you.

According to our colleague Abbie Drew, Editor of DEMC E-Magazine "The Internet has expanded dramatically since I began publishing DEMC in 1995.  Businesses who moved to the Internet over the last 10 years did so predominately for the global expansion possibilities."

She continues in the April 21st edition, "However, in the next few years this is going to change.   The next wave of opportunity on the Internet will be localized marketing.

Just last week, Google expanded its offerings for local ad targeting.   Businesses can now target keyword-based ads to users in a city or within a specified distance of a location.   Yahoo!   also recently launched a service called SmartView which provides information on local businesses to searchers.   Even ebay has a local trading area where you can run auctions to reach local consumers.

Why are search engines, auctions sites and others in a hurry to offer the local option? According to a survey done in February of this year by The Kelsey Group and local commercial searches - those seeking merchants "near my home or work" - represent 25% of all searches being performed by online buyers.

What's more according to Nielsen//NetRatings, affluent, broadband households are the fastest growing Internet- user.   And broadband users have been found to rely more on online information sources.   They use search engines and Internet Yellow Pages to find local business information, often at the expense of traditional offline sources like Newspapers and printed Yellow Pages.

Also consider that there are roughly 10 million small businesses in the US.   The majority of these businesses have fewer than nine employees and conduct most of their business within 50 miles of their physical locations.   These companies currently spend a lot of money on local advertising options.   Depending on the source, local advertising pulls in somewhere between $22 billion and $94 billion a year.

Do you see the opportunities here?

First, if you're an Internet business you should start looking to your local marketplace.   25% of individuals are using search engines to find local business.   Why not optimize your site for your location.   Plus take advantage of the new tools search engines are offering for local business.   Promote your business online to your local community.   Use the larger search engines, but also consider running promotions on the web sites of your local paper, and/or local radio and TV station.

Second, if you're looking for an expansion opportunity, consider developing a portal site for your local community.   Provide information about area events, high school sports, local weather, town issues, etc.   As you develop traffic, you'll build a valuable local email list and you will be able to sell sponsorships on your site to local businesses.

Third, if you sell Internet related products/services to small businesses, start targeting your local businesses.   Currently it's estimated that less than 30% of these small businesses have web sites.

Local businesses over the next few years will migrate to the online realm.   These businesses will have to move online, as they'll be unable to ignore the growing segment of the population which uses search engines to find a local business rather than the yellow pages and newspapers.

You can provide a multitude of tools to these businesses.   Web hosting, web design, email services, internet consulting, tracking services, SE optimization, advertising, information, are all items these business will need in the coming months.

Lastly, if you are a local merchant not yet online, now is the time to move.   Establish your position as a local business online and grow your customer base before your competition gets online.

Or if your local business is already online because you expanded to attract the global marketplace, be sure to also focus locally.   Remember a quarter of the searches being conducted are people looking for local businesses.   This number is only going to increase.

The Internet is still growing and becoming more and more a part of our lives and businesses.   Rather than being discouraged by the constant changes which occur in the online marketplace, look for the opportunities this change offers.   One such opportunity is localized Internet marketing as it's on the verge of expansion.   Capitalize on this knowledge and give your business the competitive edge."

Share your comments with us and we will pass them along to Abbie.

In the meantime, take a look what we have begun and share it with your family, friends and colleagues.

To our mutual success, we remain faithfully yours...

February 29th : Welcome back!  We have been busy re-defining our business, something everyone in business must do periodically especially during times of uncertainty.  And, this is such a time.  In his book Purple Cow : Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable by Seth Godin "Mr. Godin outlines many ways in which a business, or even a product, can become remarkable and successful without spending millions on mass marketing.  The author concentrates on niche areas, maximizing a marketing plan with significantly less funding that traditional marketing insists, and finding your Purple Cow.  There is no magic formula for a purple cow but he presents avenues to look around at existing businesses/products/services and see where there is room for improvement.  And sometimes the improvement comes in surprising ways." (A Reader from Franklin, Indiana USA)

Go ahead, transform your business and be remarkable...

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Happy New Year 2004

Special Notice

Please bear with us as we transform this Journal Blog into a somewhat "conventional Blog" format.

In the meantime, please visit our "sister-site" eBusiness '03
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and Our Welcome Message no longer available

...just realized that there is no way to post your comments.  Until we find out how this is done you may eMail your comments to us and we will post them for you.  We regret the inconvenience and will look to resolve this ASAP so that we all have a Happy Blogging experience in our Blog journey.

June 10th : Welcome back!!  Now that we have piquéd your interest in blogging as an alternative to eMail marketing, we sincerely hope that you will add this approach to your eMarketing arsenal if you have a web site with your products/services already displayed for your guests to see.  What??  You are in need of a web site/page?  Become part of our web site!  See details on our Shopping Network and join us today!  What are you waiting for????  We want to see you on the 'Net.  

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Blogging for Dollars

May 15th : we just received this from a colleague of ours and frankly it gave us the proverbial "kick-in-the-   " to get this journal/blog up to date.  Thank you Abbie Drew!

"How To Blog Your Way to Success"

I have seen many small Internet businesses come and go through the years.  And I've talked with hundreds of individuals struggling to start up their own businesses.  Some have survived and flourished, but most have failed.

What has been the main difference between those who make it on the Internet and those who do not?


The business people who are willing to write and write often are the business people who succeed.


The Internet is all about written communication.  If you want to make your presence known on the Internet you have to write about it.  Yes, writing is difficult and time consuming.   you do not write up material for your business, you do not have a business.

Sure you might have a business idea in your head, but who knows about it?  You have to write down your business information to make it available to others.

You have to write to create a web site that sells.  You have to write to produce an ezine that builds trust and credibility.  You have to write if you want to create ebooks, articles, ecourses, etc. to promote your business.

If you're not willing to write, your online business will not survive.

Making excuses, that you are not a good writer or you do not know how to write sales copy will not save your business.  It is a thousand times better to write something, even poorly than to not write at all.

In fact, informal communication is shown to be effective and appreciated on the Internet.

There has been a recent emergence of blogs (short for weblogs) in gaining recognition on the web.  What are blogs? Essentially, they're peoples' journals kept on the web.

An individual, the "blogger" posts his/her notes, thoughts, ideas, comments to a web page for others to view.  Blogs are brief musings, updated frequently and regularly.  Typically, they're passionate writings about the blogger's chosen subject matter.

Blogs are informal, non-salesy communication which people like to read.  These unpolished, passionate ramblings on a subject matter of interest work to inspire trust and pique people's curiosity.  Blogs it seems make good web content.

So how can you use this knowledge to your advantage?

First, when you write stop always worrying about dotting your i's, and crossing your t's.   Blogs have shown informal writing works.  Start being yourself and having fun when you write.

Second, try out the blog mentality in your email communications.  Send brief frequent emails with interesting bits of information and avoid emails that constantly marketing your wares. People love tips, trivia, jokes, soundbits, etc. so give them what they want.

Third, write to educate instead of sell.  Blogs are not designed to sell anything, they share what a blogger knows and has learned.  Consider incorporating this education mentality into your writing rather than always trying to create slick sales material.

And finally, remember to keep writing and writing and writing!  Your online business depends on you to continually express yourself as bloggers do.

Don't become a Internet statistic.  Start writing your way to success!

Abbie Drew
DEMC Editor
To Subscribe Click Here!

So start today, we will do the same   

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The Truth About Email Marketing!

February 28th :   The Bagua is a foundational feng shui concept.
It is an octagon whose eight parts help show which part of your environment affects which aspects of your life.

For your review we have published and distributed (since the New Year 2003) Feng Shui messages in Your Weekly Message ePublication ~ now in its 5th year.

Sites to Re-Visit and Visit Today

Feng Shui for Your Life!
Your Weekly Message Archive

January 12th : Essential to understanding Feng Shui is understanding the fabric of  life, the five universal elements --- fire, earth, metal, water, and wood.  Each element relates to the others in two ways : a generative or creative connection that provides strength and power/balance and harmony, and an overpowering or destructive relationship that undermines strength and power/balance and harmony.

The generative/creative cycle ~ Fire generates earth ~ Earth generates metal ~ Metal generates water ~ Water generates wood ~ Wood generates fire.

The overpowing/destructive cycle ~ Fire melts metal ~ Metal cuts wood ~ Wood moves earth ~ Earth dams water ~ Water puts out fire.

Sites to Re-Visit Today

Feng Shui for Your Life!
Feng Shui and Money Matters

January 9th : To understand Feng Shui it is important to understand the concept of Yin/Yang.  Yin traits/qualities are feminine ~ soft, passive, nurturing, dark, fluid, even numbers and the right side of the body (which is different in Bioenergetic Analysis where the female qualities are found on the left side of the body).  The Yang traits/qualities are masculine ~ bright, hard, actrive, aggressive, odd numbers and the left side of the body (which again is different in Bioenergetic Analysis where the male qualities are found on the right side of the body).  More can be found at the...

Site to Visit Today

What is Bioenergetic Analysis?

January 8th : Here is a Feng Shui Taboo from Angi Ma Wong ~ Do not use an all-glass front door; choose a solid door instead.  A small beveled window on the door is acceptable, but too much glass does not offer protection for your home and your office and allows prosperity to leak out.

BONUS : Many of us have made New Year's resolutions to make our lives better.  According to Feng Shui master Carole Swann Meltzer, instead of making resolutions, changing the way you dress can help make positive changes in your life.

Meltzer is the author of  "Feng Shui Chic".  A large part of this book is about achieving well-being through internal and external health.  By balancing energy, we balance our internal organs in conjunction with spatial alignment.  Dressing to attract what we want in life in the nine life zones: career, love, creativity, strategy, knowledge, health, power, fame and nature is one of the main points in her book.

You can purchase copies for yourself, your colleagues, family and friends by clicking here and read an excerpt of this book
at the...

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Feng Shui Chic

January 7th : Once again from our resource "FENG SHUI ~ 365 DOs & TABOOs" a Page.A.Day Calendar by Angi Ma Wong ~ About Antiques ~ Be mindful of the original purpose or use of an antique or second hand item in your home and in your office.  Avoid masks of the dead that were used for burials, and avoid statues that have come from tombs, caves, pyramids cemetereis, or temples.

Did you know the eight compass directions (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, and NW) within a home, office, room, garden or other space govern the various aspects of your life?  Each direction is associated with specific colors, animals, numbers, and elements.  To activate and improve certain parts of your life -- such as your marriage or your wealth -- place an appropriate color, animal, number, or element into the direction associated with that part of your life.  More
can be found at the...

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Feng Shui Services for Your Life!

January 2nd : As promised we begin our exploration into Feng Shui with a definition we found in "FENG SHUI ~ 365 DOs & TABOOs" a Page.A.Day Calendar by Angi Ma Wong we plan to use liberally and share with you often during this year.  "Feng shui" is Chinese for "wind-water."  The practice of feng shui originated in China as a way to site a burial ground to properly honor ancestors.  The rise of emperors, nobles, warriors, and great teachers was attributed to good feng shui.

Keep a journal/blog of the feng shui changes you make and notice what happens after these changes are made.  Be patient, because there is a reason and a season for everything in your life.

Get the Edge by using these decorative animals of the Chinese zodiac -- the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Boar -- as decorations in your home and in your office.   These animals where chosen for the Chinese zodiac because as an ancient legend tells of the great Buddha, who summoned all the world's creatures to his death bed, only twelve animals appeared.  Each of these dozen faithful had a year named in its honor.

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Feng Shui and Money Matters
Professional Organizing and Feng Shui Services for Your Environment and LIFE!

December 1st : For the past two and half months we have been studying the discipline of Feng Shui and beginning on January 2nd we are going to offer "Feng Shui Tips" right here so...  stay connected.  New Year wishes from our home to yours.  May 2003 bring us all health, happiness, prosperity and peace.

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Relax and Profit
December Book Excerpt

Happy New Year 2003

September 15th : After a long hiatus, we are back.  We have visited, seen and learned from many new web sites.  To catch up with us be sure to visit two of the new pages we have incorporated on our site that reflect our growth.

Sites to Visit Today

Hire a Personal Trainer
Frequently Asked Questions

April 5th : Glad to be back after a whole month.  We are planning the launch of a new ePublication Your Weekly Message - II on April 16th.  We have received several requests to create and distribute an ePublication offering complete articles on subjects requested by loyal readers of Your Weekly Message.   Our first edition will be devoted to "Inspiration and Motivation" a topic requested by many of our readers over the 4 years of publishing and distributing this world acclaimed ePublication to over 2800 readers.  Your Weekly Message-II is a bi-monthly e-publication with a free trial period for two editions and then a yearly subscription fee of $18.00 (USD) will be assessed to continue receiving this e-publication (with discounts offered for 2 and 3 year subscription requests).  We look forward to welcoming you and your article requests at that time.

During this month, we came across Carolyn Myss and her bottomline we want to share with you here-and-now.  We will continue to do so whenever her words of wisdom touch us...

"Trust that you will be where you are supposed to be."
"Trust that you will meet the people you are supposed to meet."
"Respect your intuition when it directs where you should go every stage and step of your life."

Sites Visited Today

Subscription Page (Online ePublication community)
Carolyn Myss (For alternative medicine and holistic healing)

March 5th : No, we have not forgotten about you.  Delightfully we have been extremely busy answering all of your comments and questions.  Keep 'em coming... and, we will post them here.  We will need your permission to do so.  You do know about the privacy issue that we subscribe to on don't you? :)

Sites Visited Today

Womans Net (Online networking community) (Internet Business Consultants For 3rd Millennium - start you Home Business here!)

January 8th : This week has just begun and it has been an exciting time around here.  We have made contact with many people that have made an impact on the 'wired world' we call the Internet.  In the coming days, we will report on what we have learned.  In the meantime, be sure to visit website developer, Ralph Marston (see Sites Visited Today).

Sites Visited Today

The Daily Motivator (Get your daily motivation here!)
"Strategies for a Wired World" (Online marketing)

January 1st : Welcome and greet 2002 with a mixture of hope and anticipation, for the best is yet to come.  May the New Year bring peace, health, and prosperity to you and yours.  Make this year 2002 interesting and exciting by using the magic word "okay" every chance you can.

December 17th : Penn State's eBusiness Research Center is now conducting monthly surveys on ebusiness topics and making them available online.  Nirmal Pal, executive director of the eBusiness Research Center, said the polls will help gather information on how the public and businesses feel about e-commerce and related issues.

The inaugural poll asks visitors to the center's Web site whether they continue to consider ebusiness "to be of strategic significance" to their organizations, considering that "ebusiness" is often associated with the dot-com meltdown.  More than 87 people responded to the survey, with about 65 percent contending it is of "strategic significance," according to a news release.   The eBusiness Research Center is a joint effort of Penn State's Smeal College of Business and the school of information sciences and technology.   It promotes research by academics and practitioners on various aspects of ebusiness, with an emphasis on governance and execution issues.

The new instant polls can be found at ~ cast your vote!  And, be sure to read this book...
Pushing the Digital Frontier : Insights into the Changing Landscape of E-Business by Nirmal Pal and Judith M. Ray

ABSTRACT:  This is a very timely book on business in the changing digital economy for managers of old economy, new economy, and the emerging “bricks and clicks” companies.   It is an excellent compilation of contributions from 34 experts in various aspects of e-business.   It offers innovative and forward-thinking insights on 14 key areas.   These areas include: assessment of the new business environment, leverage of old economy fundamentals in the new economy, leadership issues, regulatory aspects, online and offline organizations, management of emerging technologies, human resource issues, personalization strategies, collaborative commerce and learning solutions.   Integration of such diverse set of chapters is not an easy task, but the editors have kept the focus on the strategic aspects of e-business throughout the book.   It is a must read...

Wishing you health, wealth and happiness for the coming year.  May the New Year bring us all Peace.

December 3rd : We have been busy creating new categories, businesses, and markets.  This has taken us away from placing entries in this journal/blog to help you with your business.  We have been learning new strategies and re-evaluating the decisions we have made in the past.  Continually scutinizing is one of the keys of the entrepreneurial spirit.  As we look toward the future, here are some of the questions we have been considering.  What marketing strategies will continue to bring us clients/customers in year 2002?  What bold new ways can we develop and implement for clients/customers to save money?  With our vision to build on our worldwide leadership in the business services market, including building new markets, extending our existing business, ensuring operational excellence and creating continued value, we are constantly looking for new ways to meet these challenges.  We welcome opening a dialogue with you.  Send your comments to The Baum Group

October 19th : If there is one site to study and learn from, we highly recommend PBS's CEO Exchange.  Be sure to visit and let's begin a dialogue.  Send your comments to The Baum Group

Site Visited Today

CEO Exchange Archives

September 25th : It has been a month since our last entry and two-weeks since the horrific attack on America and humanity.  Grieving is all around us ~ we can hardly breathe.  People everywhere are grieving and feeling anxious these days.  Symptoms of reliving the events are compromising lives and jobs.  People are experiencing post-traumatic stress feelings that are making it difficult for them to perform their daily life.  Anxiety and "not knowing" has become part of the fabric of our life.  We have lost our feelings of safety.  How do we go on and resume some sort of normalcy?  Feeling good about life and helping others relieves feelings of vulnerability and powerlessness.  Celebrate life with a renewed sense of purpose.  Offer hope and encouragement.  We will survive.  Let your heart, thoughts and prayers go out to others, to the disaster victims, their families, to this country and to the world.  Prayer heals the grieving and changes the human heart.  As America fights back, we must all get back to business and do what needs to be done.  Let us all turn up the volume of our lives to create meaning in our lives by doing what really matters.  Give yourself permission to grieve.  Whatever you are feeling is OK (just don't act on your feelings).  Your life is significant.  When you need to receive ~ give.  Give your feelings a voice.  Go on with your routine and your life.  A word of caution ~ do not make any life-altering decisions while in emotional distress.

Site Visited Today

American Liberty Partnership (Ways to help)

August 16th : We recently subscribed to NewsFactor Network's Wireless Industry Alert ePublication to learn more about the new phase is entering into, namely getting our services and products to your PDA and WAP devises.  Today we received the following results of a study from Ovum.

"While much of the stuff we access on the Internet  --  using PCs, PDAs (personal digital assistants) or, to a lesser degree, mobile phones  --  costs nothing, the free ride Web surfers now enjoy probably will not extend to the wireless realm, according to a study from Ovum."

The study recommended that service providers offer a mixture of paid and free content starting on the day they launch wireless Internet offerings.  Such an approach would instill a sense of value in consumers' eyes by sending the message that content is worth paying for.   This strategy also would enable companies to earn revenue from the start.

The typical mixed-content model offers basic services for free while a charge is levied for more desirable, valuable premium content, analysts said."

We are considering this approach with our Internet presence.  Let us know what you think.   Send any e-mail to: The Baum Group

Sites Visited Today

NewsFactor (Message Boards)
Ovum (Defining the future)

August 1st : A few thoughts as we being a new month.   Revenues down?  People not spending?  People not buying your product and service?  Be careful on what you cut back.   Keep up with your marketing plans and advertising budget.  Make your business/organization diverse, attract and hire the best people.  Constantly look for business partners that challenge you.  Gain more visibility by putting more money and muscle behind your product and service.  A strong business thinks outside of the box.  The benefits of technology are not fully realized.

Sites Visited Today

Sample Marketing Plan (Marketing campaign by marketing expert Marcia Yudkin) (Awesome...!)

July 19th : Just received and e-mail message from a prospective client that a free e-book was downloaded and that web site was found in the Harvard Business School newsletter.   What a coup!  Thank you...

Sites Visited Today

Harvard Business School (All you need to know about this prestigious business school)
Free e-Books (Download your e-Books here!)

July 18th : Find the lessons you have learned and show your gratitude.  Enjoy and share your lessons.  Make a gratitude box and say thanks for ALL as well as the ordinary lessons.  Stay in the game and stop second guessing yourself.  Celebrate who you are ~ relax.  It's all a gift.   Thanks for the lessons learned.

July 17th : Going through our files we found this and thought it to be quite useful for you our loyal readers, and have incorporated this marvelous idea from Dr. Kevin Nunley in this journal/blog.

"The Internet has a wealth of great information.  It's all there free for the taking IF you've got enough time to search for it.  With the average work week reaching toward 60 hours, very few of us have the luxury of spending the day picking through search engines and web rings.  We appreciate it greatly when others do the work for us and tell us which good sites to see.  If you have found web sites that are useful to people in your business--share them.  Make a list of your favorite sites along with a short explanation of what each offers and why it is special.  Put your contact and ad info at the bottom of the list.  Lists of hand-picked web sites are one of the most valuable gifts you can give a client, prospect, or customer.  They make great marketing.

Marie writes, "I've got a list of 10 great web sites.  Could I build a newsletter around that?"

Absolutely!  Several of my favorite ezines regularly list several great web sites along with a regular list of standards.  I find it a real time saver, idea generator, and I save these newsletters for later reference.  You'll also find customers and prospects will pass your list on to others who could also become customers or associates."

Site Visited Today (Dr. Kevin's FREE marketing tips)

July 16th : Just returned from participating in a "live chat" with Lucia from and found out that they are not able to help us set up our new program.   (See our very first entry of April 10th)   We will now be searching for resources that will be able to assist us.  If you can help or know any one that can, please e-mail us at - Thank you...

While chatting we noticed a web site that we will be visiting shortly to see if we can use their services for live chats here on -- stay tuned...

Site Visited Today (A "web call center and on-line customer support service")

July 12th : As you grow your business on and off-line -- do not get overwhelmed.  A broader knowledge base is created with the growth of technology.  Growing a successful on and off-line business requires a good management and marketing team; building and growing a brand name; and earning a profit.  Timing is everything.  Believe in yourself and go the extra mile.  Act smart and swiftly with your decision making.   Follow your heart as you make quick responses.  Think big, trust yourself, take risks, reinvent yourself, learn to say yes, and mean it.  Change what you can, let go of resentment, lose your expectations, cultivate your inner peace, savor the moment and enjoy your successes.

Sites Visited Today

Business Unusual (A "look at corporate leaders and executives who take a non-traditional approach to management and problem solving")

July 11th : We have begun layering our products and services on our web site.  By building a brand name Your Stress Matters we show the value and passion we have for the products and services we have been building over time.   Passion is the one overwhelming component in leadership.  We have a passion for profit.  We are passionate about and enjoy making money.   You must get excited about what you do, willing to commit a great amount of time to what you like to do.  You must know what the consumer is looking to do and answer their questions before they know what they are looking for.  We support our brand name by advertising that is more focused on this.  We are finding that new products and services are the best way to build our brand name, and by layering with other products and services we are creating visibility with other companies on and off-line.

Site Visited Today

The Online Marketing People (e-mail marketing and opt-in e-mail list providers)

June 25th : The Internet is an amazing place to view what businesses do.  The Internet offers every one "a showcase to the world."  You can go any where in the world instantaneously.

On our drawing board are plans to include art work on The Shopping Network and we have begun to make contact with Art Galleries and Dealers to partner with.  In this regard we plan to visit Art Galleries and Dealers that already have an Internet presence as well as offer those that do not as yet have their own web site to consider using The Shopping Network and Associate Program to jump-start their web presence.  We plan to visit Bicycle Paintings; and will report back with our findings.  Stay connected...

June 6th : Wow... its been a while since we made an entry in this journal/blog.  We have been busy partnering to extend our global reach.  Using our resource the Daily News Briefs - a division of we have begun to reach out to companies who merge via acquisitions to help their employees overcome their stress reaction, while continuing to make contact with companies (who are downsizing and laying off employees via job cuts) offering to help their employees (as well as the employees that are still employed in these companies) overcome their stress reaction.  We are finding that this sluggish economy has affected many.  Many employees have been so wounded that they need serious hand-holding to even consider their next move.  Starting their own business is an option that many are now exploring.  If you are interested in starting your own business, we have a page on our site that can help you develop a strategic business plan.

Sites Visited Today

Fuddwhacker Consulting (Motivational speaking, team-building, and marketing consulting) (A program designed for web designers, innovative site search and content management system)

May 11th : Very excited to have opened 2 new discussions boards.  One on the "Leadership & Management" forum at and the other on "The Business of Bliss" forum at  ~  What a great way to build a business on and off-line!   Click the links and join in the discussion.

Additional discussion boards will be posted as they become available...

April 29th : This morning, to our surprise and delight, we heard that the acclaimed and widely watched television show CBS News Sunday Morning has begun a "Laughing Matters" segment.  Since 1998, and The Baum Group have been offering "Your Laughing Matters" as a column in the internationally acclaimed ePublication Your Weekly Message and on the Your Laughing Matters web page.

April 23rd : Continuing to make contact with companies on-line to explore partnering possibilities.  By bringing all the players (customers/clients ~ suppliers/vendors ~ business partners ~ product/services) on to the same page we are integrating our marketing strategies and plans.  For our company,, successful integration makes the sale and keeps you as our customer/client.

Sites Visited Today

Digital Focus (Helping companies become more productive and profitable) (Sharing your knowledge and getting paid for it)

April 22nd : Dr. Rae, Founder and CEO of is now available LIVE.  You too can share your expertise here!  Just ask us how by sending an e-mail from ...

April 18th : Offered free DVDs to our loyal Your Weekly Message subscribers through our Business Partner CyberRebates.   Click here to get your copy of Almost Famous, Charlie’s Angels, Shaft, Meet the Parents and dozens more absolutely FREE after rebate!  Stock up today by clicking the CyberRebate logo on the The Shopping Network

April 16th : We sent "Doing Business On-line" an article written by Dr. Rae to editors and publishers of ePublications.   Read it here!

When we surf the 'net we not only find what is on the 'net, we also find what is not on the 'net.  And, this is where we fit the empty space with our eBusiness ideas.  You can too!  Not only can you create your own opportunities using your own resources, you can also collaborate with others and become an eBusiness partner.  Take a look at what we have done.  We have found that our passion drives our eBusiness.   Our strength and commitment grows as we share our resources and our responsibility with groups of people as well as with individuals.   By constantly mastering new skills we change lives (ours and others).

Sites Visited Today

Dr. Kevin Nunley (Marketing and advertising ideas)
Nurse Zone (Nursing-related news)

April 12th : Keeping at it...  learning (after all life is all about learning); redesigning; redefining and making contacts for ebusiness growth.

We are working at great speed to separate stress resources from the Business Center with ebusiness resources.  When we began designing our web site in 1995 we thought those interested in stress related issues such as: motivation, purpose of life, peace of mind, positive attitude and assertiveness would be interested in business resources and financial advice (also offered on   This may still be the case.   Let us know what you think.

Sites Visited Today

Advance Marketing (Off and on-line marketing ideas)
Success Networks (Creating excellence in all areas of life)

April 10th : was founded in 1995 as an "internet only business" dedicated to providing you with the best stress management and business services. maintains one of the first affiliate programs available, and we have been very successful with them from the very beginning.  (Click here for details...)

Today, we began utilizing a resource we have been receiving for several years   (Daily News Briefs - a division of collecting data  (e-mail addresses, website URLs and phone numbers of contact person/s) to send  TeleClasses and  Concierge  information to companies found.  We have decided to do this every Monday and Friday.

For assistance in creating, developing, hosting, redesigning and updating your site (for details click here...)  The Baum Group Web Page Team found a website on WebDesign (see below) and plan on pursuing this further.

Today, we also submitted our Toll-Free Number and Internet Address for a free listing in the next edition of the National Toll-Free & Internet Yellow Pages  (deadline is May 2001) .  On this website  (see below)  we found further details to help us set up our newest program on how to Download "your weekly stress tip" directly into your Palm™ handheld and wireless devices -- courtesy of

Site Visited Today (Listing in National Yellow Pages)

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