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In 1995, when we started Your Stress Matters on Prodigy's Your Business Bulletin Board, a number of other entrepreneurs started their own web sites.  You couldn't open up a business newspaper without seeing their Ads.  For some time, we consistently looked to see who would create the biggest, best and most visited web site.  Quickly, however, Dr. Rae's Shopping Network outdistanced its competition.  We did this by moving fastest to dominate the eCommerce field with unique and resourceful information on our Portal Page and gradually, located business partners to Affiliate with, and created Dr. Rae's Shopping Network.

Since links bring traffic to your site, the key is knowing where to place them; and knowing what to do to build traffic.

Linking to a high traffic area such as Your Stress Matters will help build your traffic.

When you visit other shopping networks on the World Wide Web, you are going to have a very hard time finding out what they do to build traffic.

Dr. Rae's Shopping Network builds traffic using promotional expertise.

When you buy a link from Dr. Rae's Shopping Network, you are buying into our promotional expertise.  Dr. Rae's Shopping Network promotes every single day on and off the web.

    1) we have created a client-centered site with lots of resources and benefits

    2) we keep adding new benefits to the site on a regular basis

    3) we do everything to bring traffic to your site, and

    4) we capture the eMail addresses of our guests and never share them with anyone

We publish three online ePublications.  Weekly Reminder is an opt-in international ePublication, and has been acclaimed by its readers to be very helpful in staying focused, and on purpose throughout the day.  The Ask Dr. Rae's Bulletin, a monthly opt-in ePublication focuses on professional answers to your questions.   The One Minute Report, an opt-in ePublication distributed every Wednesday focuses on personal and professional development where we do the Research for you.

Our objective is to disseminate information, and to invite readers to visit our advertiser's web sites.

We do this by posting URLs with our advertiser's Ads.  Further, we maintain reciprocal promotional relationships with other ePublicationss.  We run their Ads, and they run ours.  In this way we receive additional exposure for our site pages and for our advertisers' site pages.

Our prices are low, and our service is respectful and loyal.  We anticipate your needs and your requirements.  With our focus on meeting and exceeding your expectations and making sure that you are happy, we have found that an investment in your well-being and retention pays.

We are here, ready to help your long-term commitment to your clients' well-being and retention, for as you know, your satisfaction goes a long way towards our mutual benefit and success.

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As you consider, and decide to place your trust in us and link your URL on Dr. Rae's Shopping Network with an additional marketing position of your Ad on our weekly ePublication, Weekly Reminder, we wish you continued success, and look forward to working with you.

We guarantee that all web pages on Dr. Rae's Shopping Network are client-centered offering real benefits to our visitors.

We have been helping businesses, families and individuals off-line since 1972, and on-line we have been changing the World with care since 1995.

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[As of August 10, 2009, FusionQuest our affiliate program provider
is no longer available, we are exploring other programs]

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