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(We are pleased to present our second contributor Dr. Yehudit Feuer from Jerusalem, Israel.  Please welcome Dr. Yehudit and her article "Speaking of Stress: The Brelax Way")

Stress is a major health risk in our life, consequently stress management is of vital importance for your health.

In this article I will discuss Stress, and how it is related to Disease; Stress Management, and how it works for your Health; the rationale behind Cardiac Rehabilitation with Brelax training.

I will also present a summary and results of the Brelax study with coronary patients.

I have designed the Brelax method as a stress management program that consists mainly of correct breathing, systematic relaxation, and floor exercises coordinated with correct breathing.

The training of the method takes place simultaneously on two levels: 12 to 14 group meetings once or twice a week, 2 hours each, and daily individual practice, with or without the 3 audiocassettes, which the participants receive as a part of their training.

The Stress-Disease relation: A healthy organism is usually able to cope with its tensions thanks to an inbuilt mechanism, which is constantly producing rehabilitation processes in our system automatically. Hence, under "normal", i.e., not too stressful circumstances, this automatic control mechanism can keep a good enough balance between excitement and rest in order to maintain our good health, without our conscious intervention.

However, this mechanism can only serve our system to a limit, i.e., when the stress stimuli occur with reasonably long intervals between one another, or up to a certain degree of intensity. Thus, when our system is exposed to frequent high levels of stress, for extended periods of time, our automatic tension regulator tends to become overwhelmed. At that stage, the tensions begin to accumulate in our body, little by little, and often imperceptibly, such as with "the silent killer" high blood pressure.

If the trend of tension accumulation is allowed to get out of control, it can ultimately develop into serious organic dysfunctions in the absence of any genetic cause, such as heart disease, among many other "stress disorders".

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