What is Bioenergetic Analysis?


Bioenergetics is a way of understanding personality in terms of the body and its energetic processes.  These processes, namely, the production of energy through respiration and metabolism and the discharge of energy in movement, are the basic functions of life.  How much energy one has and how one uses...energy determine how one responds to life situations.  Obviously, one can cope more effectively if one has more energy, which can be freely translated into movement and expression.

Bioenergetics is also a form of therapy that combines work with the body and the mind to help people resolve their emotional problems and realize more of their potential for pleasure and joy in living.  A fundamental thesis of bioenergetics is that body and mind are functionally identical; that is, what goes on in the mind reflects what is happening in the body and vice versa.

As we all know, mind and body can influence each other.  What one thinks can affect how one feels.  The converse is equally true.  This interaction, however, is limited to the conscious or superficial aspects of the personality.  On a deeper level, that is, on the unconscious level, both thinking and feeling are conditioned by energy factors.

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