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Proactive Network Strategies Seminar

This exciting new marketing approach is designed to benefit every marketing professional, new business/organization development professional and sales professional.  Learn how-to meet your obligation to your clients, your customers, and your membership by using this proactive network strategies market-oriented approach.

Seminar Outline

  • Eight dimensions of proactive network strategies.

  • Gain endorsements.

  • Give help before asking prospects to become your client, your customer, your member.

  • Go beyond your basic service by enhancing the revenues of your prospects by selling your prospects' products and services.

  • Prospect the advisors and role models of those you want as clients, customers, member, i.e. attorneys; physicians; psychologists; loan officers; business brokers; securities brokers; financial planners; insurance agents; real estate brokers; contractors; subcontractors; owners of automobile dealerships.

  • Provide advisory services, referral services, and a speakers bureau.

  • Provide more than your core products and services.

  • Reasons for proactive network strategies.

  • Rules for proactive network strategies.

  • The initial proposal.

  • Tracking success reflects your commitment.

    [Adapted from Networking with the Affluent by Dr. Thomas J. Stanley]

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