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Special to 9/11/00
Don't beat stress - use it   If it hurts, it works, right?  Well, not quite. According to stress-management experts, you cannot alleviate your stress unless your mind works out along with your body.    Click Here for Entire Story

Pittsburgh Tech News 1/16/02
Online Course Provides Constantly Updated Strategies for Business Promotion  The Baum Group announced free online classes offering up-to-the-minute marketing strategies for online (Web site) and offline businesses.   The classes promise to deliver turnkey marketing strategies and materials, implementation assistance and the motivation and inspiration to implement the marketing plan.   Students can ask questions and get feedback from instructors and can begin the free classes at any time.   Based in Pittsburgh, The Baum Group's marketing strategists and stress advisors help companies design effective marketing plans.

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Pittsburgh Tech News 1/25/02
The Baum Group Unveils Internet-based Educational Programs  The Baum Group/Dr. Rae and Associates have begun offering Internet-based educational programs, delivering content directly to desktops, through their Web site direct marketing network.  The company's Distance Program courses include desktop publishing, Internet training, business strategy, Six Ways to Get Breakthroughs in Your Enterprise, Web Site Creation and Design and others.  Headquartered in Shadyside, The Baum Group is a provider of personal and organizational products and services for businesses, families and individuals.

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Post Gazette Business News 5/8/02
FREE Online Life Goal Workshop  The Baum Group/Dr. Rae and Associates said that through its Web site,, they are offering a free online life goal workshop that focuses on change.  The Baum Group
is an association of professional consultants/business and relationship coaches who help businesses, families and individuals who are facing change.

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