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Your Stress Matters
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"I've listed you as one of my training professionals and look forward to hearing more from you." Donna H.

"...I have never thought of stress from a positive perspective.  Opens up a whole new way to relate to it.  ...I have subscribed to your blog and looking forward to learning more.  ...TKS...for clueing me in on the differences between stress, distress, and eustress.   Cheers!..." Jamie W.

"Thank you for the information, interesting possibilities." Tammy S.

"...presentation... well organized, direct and dynamic, and elicits good participation."

"Natural ability... and expertise,... most outstanding is... knowledge of the mind-body connection.  Beneficial to anyone desiring a fuller life experience.  It encourages one to see and feel the bigger picture of the mechanics of human interaction.  Valuable because it offers new but basic knowledge about the self.  I am very thankful to have experienced this process..." Getting A Handle On Your Stress

"...enthusiastic, creative and inspirational."

"I was able to ask for a promotion, and I got it!"

After saying thank you to those who helped,
Remember to say thank you to yourself,
For you're the one who helped the most.
(Source Unknown)

Received from: Fredericksburg, Virginia USA

Veronica C. C.

I am grateful to have been introduced to Dr. Rae and Your Stress Matters.  I love to learn and be inspired.   Lately, I have been thinking about what "true" purpose in life is and I have come to the conclusion that if I can raise 3 happy, confident, loving children who have a sense of who they are, where they came from and where they are going I will have succeeded.

The tools and wonderful email I get from The Baum Group do just that...  take my thinking to the next level.  Help me to be my best and I know that that will help me to be a more balanced person.

My favorite part of the emails are the quotes-- somehow I can "get it" faster and I can usually relate them to my life.  The best part of learning is applying the concept(s) to an area or areas of my life and then, of course, sharing!

Received from: London, Ontario Canada

Edna L.

Just took a more thorough look at your site.  Love it.

Received from: Atlanta, Georgia USA

Ken S.

Dear Dr Rae, I was very excited to learn about how you are so involved with stress management and dealing with stress!  This world needs to hear your message badly!  I read your articles on your home page.  One thing you mentioned about dealing with stress is to have the proper nutritional factors in place.

Received from: Cheshire UK

John H.

Hi Dr Baum, Your A-Z of stress is a superb contribution to the world-wide-web.  If you have done any more of these tremendous listings please contact me...

Dear Dr Baum (phd), I have just descovered your 29 keys to making stress work for you" and "making stress work" - keep up the good work!!

It has been a pleasure reading your work and I hope to see more of it in the future so please inform me of any of your forth coming porjects.;-)...:-D!

Received from: Bowling Green, Ohio USA

David W.L.

Dr. Baum, I want to thank you for all your help.  I am grateful that you took the time to give me a couple tips of stress management.  Thanks to those, I am a music major!  I made it!  Thank you for all your help.

Received from: Detroit, Michigan USA

Pamela J.

I got your information from the women's wire.  Thanks for taking the time to put it there.

Received from: Garden City, Kansas USA

Sondra G.D.

I found your article very refreshing to read.  Would you please e-mail the first two articles a) The Nature of Illness, and b) The Nature of Stress.

Thank you very much!

Received from: Kansas City, Missouri USA

George O.

Dr. Baum:   For quite some time now, I have gone between, what I thought was, depression or anxiety.  As I have traveled the internet looking for some direction, I came upon your site.  I have really enjoyed it.

I believe my problem is one of self-induced stress.  Mostly work related.  That in itself gives me some relief.  I will be spending more time in your site learning how to deal with it and how to make it my friend.  I hope to learn to use it in a positive way and not let it become debilitating, as it has.

Thank you for your site.

Received from: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Tobey O.

As an attorney who often is involved in employment litigation (representing plaintiffs as well as defendants), I was surprised that your page did NOT include your bio or any reference to your abilities to serve as an expert witness in employment cases (including worker's compensation) where the problem is stress-related.  Just a thought.

I enjoyed reading your page.

Received from: Charny, Quebec Canada

John P.

Dear Dr. Baum, Your article *Getting a Handle on Your Stress* popped up on my screen at an opportune time.  I have been in therapy for several years following a depression that eventually led--along with a heart attack--to an early retirement from teaching.  You sum up your piece with an observation that caught my attention.  "Education" is an essential ingredient in the over-all mix which can get out the facts to both potential patients and their families and friends, and, eventually, to all members of society.

Your article is a good example.  It is clear and to the point and, with your professional knowledge and experience grounding what you say, it offers the reader sound advice and guidelines, which, for some, will be a lifeline to shore from the emotional and cognitive undertow that may engulf them at any moment.  Your words, Dr. Baum, are practical signposts for any stressed-out individual to follow away from a distorted view of life's ups and downs.  (Of course, professional help is essential too.)  Another point that hit home with me is:  "Start by looking at the goals you have always wanted and never had the time nor energy to explore."  For many years I have brooded over my inability to work for and reach my lifelong goal of becoming a writer.  Your suggestion is right on and it comes at a time when I'm breaking free from the fetters that have bound me for so long.  So I thank you, Dr. Baum, for such insightful advice.

In short, I learned a lot from your article.   (By the way, I found it at The Writer's Toolbox site.)  And I will be back to your Web site to read your other work.  I just had to let you know that *Getting a Handle on Your Stress* is anoter lesson in my own recovery education.  I appreciate your help.

Thank you.

Hi Dr. Rae--Congratulations on the redesign of your site.  Your additions are interesting and informative.  At the Towers Perrin site, for example, I was happy to see a Canadian connection with an office in Montreal to boot.  And your "Shopping Network" section looks great too.  In particular, your association with Amazon.com is an astute move which adds reach to your already excellent customer services.

Of course, Dr. Rae, I am very excited also to see my article online at your site.  I am proud to be the first contributor to your "Articles From Visitors" section.   I am especially proud to be one of those persons fortunate enough to bask in the glow of your uplifting words and generous spirit.  Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to publish online.

Best wishes-- John

Received from: Kenton, Ohio USA

Amber Q.

I have visited your site and have bookmarked it...I was quite impressed. Thanks for the URL!

Received from: Montreal, Canada

Cathy C.

Hi, I read your article and it was fascinating.  I just want to say that I have finally discovered what to do with myself so I'll take it one step at a time.  Have a nice day and thanks!

Received from: Enfield, Connecticut USA

Tara G.

I am thrilled to have accidentally come across your site.  Though we met on my correspondance regarding the current book about grieving that I am writing, I am a Licensed Massage Therapist by profession and I am a firm believer that we all need to take care of ourselves by reducing the tremendous amount of stress in our lives that we allow to overcome us. I applaud you for your efforts.  Thank you too, for helping me get in touch with Dr. Frey, and I hope I can utilize your knowledge in the future as well.

Received from: Hollister, Missouri USA

Edith M.

Greetings, Dr. Rae--and many thanks for running the book report on my "Sometimes We Dance Alone."  That was a nice surprise in your Nov. 24 week's news.  Your weekly message is always on a positive note; I believe in the power of thought, so the positive is the "way to go!"  All best, Edith M.

Received from: Grand Rapids, Michigan USA

Julia A.

Hi Dr. Rae!  I have read with great interest your articles about dealing with stress, though not completely.   ... Kind regards, juli

Received from: Grand Rapids, Michigan USA

Julia A.

Hi Dr. Rae; ...I have visited your site a few times this week, and have enjoyed reading your articles very much.  Thanks for popping into our lives at such an important time.   Kind regards, juli

Received from: Melbourne, Florida USA

Sheri D.

I use and share many of your writings and suggestions regarding stress managements and releases, etc. with many of my friends and clients.  ...I own a kosher market in Melbourne Florida and I am like the local therapy center.  A good ear and tight mouth is what most people need.

Keep up the good work...

Received from: Melbourne, Florida USA

Sheri D.

I also print out various portions of your newletters and give them to people for stress release.

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