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Have you ever experienced creativity, determination, energy, enthusiasm, excitement, inspiration, power and vitality only to be faced with stress reactions from others or from yourself?

 The Baum Group's 75% discount
“Marketing with Less Stress” package is here to help

Many businesses, families and individuals fail to reach their potential.
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Why?  Because The Baum Group’s advice is based on what has worked for their clients who choose The Baum Group for best service and support.

1. Marketing with Less Stress

Business makeover.  For an all-inclusive fee The Baum Group help you freshen up your company by designing, developing and sending you a plan that will help your business soar.  They will spend a day reviewing your existing efforts and make suggestions.  They will provide marketing strategies, materials, and implementation assistance that include personalized motivation and inspiration.  This personalized assistance is important and valuable because not implementing your marketing strategies and materials leads to distress.

Estimated value of your Marketing with Less Stress Package: $2100.00

"Your presentation was well organized, direct and dynamic, and elicited good participation."

2. Overcome Your Stress Reaction

Dr. Rae and her associates of professional consultants will guide you through your personalized stress reduction program.  This is our famous in-house program that has helped businesses, families and individuals off-line since 1972 and on-line since 1995.  Remember, this program is yours to keep and use for as long as you like in as many ways as you can think of using this program.

Estimated value of the Overcome Your Stress Reaction Package : see our fee schedule and deduct 75% from the price for individual and/or group participation.

"After participating in this program I was able to ask for a promotion and I got it.“

3.Joint Venture : Blocks of time to be purchased as gifts, incentives or bonuses.

The Baum Group’s Business & Management Consultation on organizational effectiveness: relationship & team building; self esteem and on strategic growth : marketing, USP, leverage to increase your bottom line and converting prospects into customers.

Estimated value of this special Joint Venture Package: $628.00

"Your program is enthusiastic, creative and inspirational.“

Most consulting firms will charge you more than $3,800 for this combination ~ if they even provide it at all.

You get the Marketing with Less Stress Package, Overcome Your Stress Reaction Package, and Joint Venture : Blocks of time to be purchased as gifts, incentives or bonuses Package now JUST $598.00 with our limited-time $200 price reduction


How about if The Baum Group breaks the $598 into 2 easy monthly payments of $299?  Now that's affordable...especially for a BIG package like this one.  

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