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What if you knew the answers
to these questions?

  • Can you stay focused, and on purpose?
  • How can your professional and personal life sustain growth until you retire
    - or later?
  • Can you develop lifetime relationships with a growing (and endless) number
    of business and personal choices and offerings?
  • And maybe the biggest question of all... Can you really move your business
    and personal life beyond where it is today?

    If you knew the answers, would your answers make a difference in your life?

    Now you can know the answers, with Your Weekly Message, ~ Temporarily suspended ~
    the weekly ePublication from internationally renowned business and personal coaches
    The Baum Group.

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    If you have a serious professional and personal interest in staying focused, and
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  • Your Weekly Message helps you track changes in your professional
    and personal life by researching and featuring "up-to-the-minute"
    resources, so you can make better decisions.
  • Your Weekly Message is a rich resource that gives you information
    you need to make significant changes in your life.
  • Your Weekly Message gives you objective, news and details that move
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