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29 Keys to Making Stress Work
Dr. Rae Baum, Ph.D.


(It is important and necessary to consciously become aware of, know and practice these keys.  This can be accomplished by reading these keys once a day, everyday.  This information is intended for your knowledge only.  You must seek prompt attention for any specific condition, and situation.)

1. Stress can lead to proactive living and greater effectiveness when used wisely.
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2. How you use and manage stress can be helpful.

3. Stress releases your energy and extends your personal limits.

4. Stress is your body's response to any situation.

5. Avoiding stress is not necessarily healthier than seeking it out.

6. Stress can be the driving force that helps you reach your goals.

7. Find your optimum level of stress, where there is just enough to avoid complacency, and not too much to cause burnout, headaches, stomach upsets, personality changes, restlessness, sleeplessness, and chronic tiredness.

8. The time to be concerned about your stress level is when you feel that your effectiveness or your health is at risk.

9. In any situation, knowing your own signals and recognizing your own signs of excess stress is crucial. Common stress indicators (symptoms) include headaches, stomach upsets, fatigue, weight loss or gain.

10. Stress affects individuals differently. See change as an opportunity and a challenge.

11. Clarify your goals and values. Define your goals. Spend time and energy to reach them.

12. Make firm commitments. Your commitments are your decisions.

13. Affirm your faith and beliefs. Choose the faith and beliefs that will help you live within your limitations.

14. Surrender to the flow of life. Live in the here and now. Do not replay everything over and over until you are worn out.

15. Take active control of your time. Take a look at your time spending habits. Get to the heart of what needs to be done.

16. Focus on your goals. Pay attention to (do not focus on) the activities.

17. Plan your activities carefully. The means do justify the ends (i.e. your goals).

18. Improve your people skills.

19. Help yourself and others become more creative.

20. Help yourself and others adjust to change.

21. Improve your communication skills.

22. Foster team spirit.

23. Let go of the past.

24. Do not let fear dictate your not getting what you want, in other words, do not act on your fear.

25. When you want something you have never had, be ready to do something you have never done.

26. Trust yourself.

27. Make sure you are prepared, setup and ready.

28. You do not have to live with fear and pessimism, with feeling defeated and discouraged. Look at the bottle half full rather than half empty.

29. Look into the possibility of getting a personal stress management coach.

Source: Dr. Rae Baum, Ph.D., Getting A Handle On Your Stress. Booklet, Copyright 1995
(Out of Print--Availability: PDF and CD version ~ 2nd Edition ~ coming soon)

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29 Keys to Making Stress Work

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