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Information products, seminars and proactive programs produced by The Baum Group/Dr. Rae and Associates, a leader in the development of management seminars and programs for businesses worldwide, are personalized to help you plan and implement change which is critical to building and maintaining a competitive edge advantage in today's complex business environment, and feeling good.

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Learn to cope with, overcome and manage your reactions and responses
to our frenzied world with The Baum Group/Dr. Rae and Associates
whose focus is on awareness and choice as a way to cope with,
overcome and manage the effects of change we all experience.

Fee and Payment Options

The following Information Products
are available as personalized "On-Line Seminars" or as Distance Learning Programs
Click here for details

Franchise Opportunity

Looking for additional financial opportunities?  Take any Information Product mini-course and you basically know how to do what we do for a living.

You can specialize in any one of the Information Products using a template model for doing just that - wherever you live.

You can have any Information Product template model that has taken YEARS and hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop.

We encourage you to begin positioning yourself in your own business by choosing the Information Product that is of interest to you.

[* denotes not available for this offer]

* 5-Day Life Strategies Boot Camp - Benefits & Features - Letting Go

A Quiet Mind and A Calm Body : Gain from Your Intuition, Your Inner Voice - Benefits & Features - Personalized.

Achieve and Maintain Peak and Effective Creative Performance - Benefits & Features - Especially designed and valuable for anyone who wants to increase effective creative performance and decrease competitive stress.  Focus is on "creativity, personal goals and resistance patterns."  Examples of "reversed, jammed and natural" breathing is presented. Invaluable for anyone with competitive stress-related symptoms.

Attracting Abundance - Benefits & Features - Personalized.

* Bioenergetic Analysis and You - Benefits & Features - The study of human energy and energy blocks.

Business and Personnel Management Techniques - Benefits & Features - Personalized.

Change the Way You Look at Things - Benefits & Features - Personalized.

Charisma and You - Benefits & Features - Awareness, choice and focus on the energetic processes help develop constructive charisma and personal style. Relationship building and resistance is explored.

* Collaborative Community Program - Benefits & Features - Personalized.

Corporate Performance Development - Benefits & Features - Personalized.

* Couple, Family, Marital and Organizational Effectiveness - Benefits & Features - Building a great relstionship from the Inside Out with the people who made the commitment and the promise.   Personalized.

Create Your Business and Personal Future - Benefits & Features - An invaluable program for you, your business and your personal life when you find yourself in the throes of chaos and uncertainty.

Creativity and Empowerment for Self and Others - Benefits & Features - Learn creativity and empowerment to contribute personally, professionally, financially and spiritually to the well-being of yourself and others.

Defining Your Purpose - Benefits & Features - Personalized.

Developing a Strategic Business Plan - Benefits & Features - Personalized.

Executive Stress : An Energetic Condition - Benefits & Features - Are you going nowhere fast? Do you feel burned out?  Get off the treadmill before you lose your health.  Listen to your inner voice for emotional and physical health and find peace of mind.  Develop your natural style and empower yourself to make better decisions.  A general statement about what stress is and what stress is not, and "personal awareness" in the situations that cause distress is given.

Food, Mood and Well-Being - Benefits & Features - Personalized.

Getting A Handle On Your Stress - Benefits & Features - Identify personal stress indicators and stressors.  Recognize the elements and factors that produce the stress response.  Develop a personal profile of stress responses.

Getting What You Want : Resetting Your Priorities - Benefits & Features - - Personalized.

Health Care Cost Containment - Benefits & Features - You can take charge of your health care costs by learning and following this health care strategy.

* Idiopathic Scoliosis : A Stress Reaction - Benefits & Features - Personalized.

* Marketing in the 21st Century : Building Relationships with Less Stress - Benefits & Features - You gain every major strategy for building relationships and making money on and off the Internet with less stress by "positioning yourself as an expert"

New Skills for the 21st Century - Benefits & Features - Develop you own personal action plan around areas such as: leadership and supervision; building teams and cooperation from others; gaining credibility and authority as a professional; communication; conflict resolution; handling stress and pressure to prevent burnout.  Deal with impossible situations by being aware of your perception, belief system and attitude.

Overcoming Insomnia and Sleeping Well Again - Benefits & Features - Are you "too keyed-up" to sleep?  Lifestyle, nutrition, stress and the benefits of insomnia is explored.  Positive imagery and relaxation are valuable processes to help strengthen your belief that your mind can support your body's need for sleep and visa-versa.

Overcoming Procrastination - Benefits & Features - Learn to stop sabotaging yourself with ways to get a handle on self-imposed barriers that stop you from achieving what you want.

Plain Talk About Stress, Resistance and Being a Person - Benefits & Features - Learn to expand and utilize personal adaptive measures, and discover how choice and changing values, attitudes and beliefs can effectively reduce anxiety and tension.  Focus is on how resistance to effective interpersonal relationships is related to the energetic process.  Function more effectively as a person by recognizing and achieving full potential in personal autonomy and social effectiveness.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - Benefits & Features - Personalized.

Proactive Networking Strategies - Benefits & Features - An exciting new marketing approach to help you meet your obligation to your clients, customers, membership.  You learn a proactive networking strategies market-oriented approach.  This Seminar is now being offered Online (For complete details click Proactive Networking Strategies)

Quiet Your Mind and Calm Your Emotions - Benefits & Features - Personalized.

Reduce Stress by Managing Priorities - Benefits & Features - Pressure and stress can threaten your effectiveness.  Learn to manage and control your time; multiple priorities; unexpected and difficult situations; pressure and stress.  By developing your personal formula for taking control, you learn effective ways to let go of procrastination; be and keep confident; make sound decisions under pressure; recognize the warning signals that indicate distress; keep on track with your personal "to do" list; be flexible yet in control with your focus on your goal.

Reengineering Your Company : Extraordinary Gains - Benefits & Features - Your company can succeed with this business process of conforming and transforming your company to your vision.

Security and Stress - Benefits & Features - Personalized.

Self-Directed Work Teams - Benefits & Features - Build trust and open communications to create commitment and produce results.  Learn to clarify and evaluate your goals, your team's goals and the relationship between these goals.

Strategic Planning : Design, Market and Deliver - Benefits & Features - Personalized.

* Stress : A Bioenergetic View - Benefits & Features - An examination of how we manage stress bioenergetically.

Stress Consultation - Benefits & Features - Personalized.

Tapping into Your Inner Resources and Eliminating Your Limiting Beliefs - Benefits & Features - Personalized.

Teaching Tolerance - Benefits & Features - What do I know about me?  What do I know about you?  What matters to me?  What matters to you?  What do we have in common?

The Art of Value Clarification - Benefits & Features - Discover and renew your values.  Making your values work for you.  How perceptions of ideas, people, places and things affect the choices you make.

The Business of Feeling Good - Benefits & Features - Feeling good involves your body's integrity, and the absence of pain.  Feeling good is a well-functioning organism that is self-regulating.  Explore your lifestyle with what you want it to be. Develop your personal plan for action by focusing on your attitude, your discipline and your motivation.

The Power of Being - Benefits & Features - Personalized.

The Power of Collaboration - Benefits & Features - Personalized.

The Power of Your Intention - Benefits & Features - Create your business and personal life with your thoughts and attention on "feeling good."

Turn Your Underperforming Company into a Marketing and Sales Machine - Benefits & Features - Personalized.

Two-Way Communications - Benefits & Features - What did I hear you say?  What did you hear me say?   Focus on listening without judgment, and learning to be heard.

Who Am I and Why Am I Here? - Benefits & Features - Explore these age old questions and find your answer.  Every one has a purpose, find yours.

You and The Law of Attraction - Benefits & Features - Personalized.

Your Name:
eMail address:
Referred by:
Name of Information Product:
Send "Franchise Opportunity" information

Your personal privacy is guaranteed
We never share your Name and eMail address with anyone.
You can unsubscribe at any time - The Baum Group

Fee and Payment Options

The above Information Products
are available as personalized "On-Line Seminars" or as Distance Learning Programs
Click here for details

Contact us to receive information on coaching and consulting service packages for your company to be more effective; and to include yourself and your friends on our preferred eList for a copy of The Life Skills Series.

Click Here to purchase the Getting A Handle On Your Stress
(Booklet ~ Out of Print--Availability: CD ~ 2nd edition ~ coming soon)

The Baum Group/Dr. Rae and Associates is a group of professional personal and business coaches, consultants and trainers.   Dr. Rae Baum, Ph.D., the founder and CEO, is a personal coach/trainer, a business consultant and stress educator offering individual, group and corporate services.  With a practice in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, The Baum Group/Dr. Rae and Associates specialize in personal and organizational transformation.  For the past thirty-five years, in addition to their extensive work in their practice, The Baum Group/Dr. Rae and Associates lecture nationally and internationally in educational, organizational and clinical settings.

Clients include personnel from chemical sales and services; computer programming; education; engineering and development; financial; real estate; restaurant; small business companies and corporations.

Publications include a "process oriented" curriculum geared toward self-directed learning.  Contribution to the University of Pittsburgh publication Survey of World Conflicts, 1969; a booklet Getting A Handle On Your Stress (Out of Print ~ CD 2nd edition ~ Coming Soon); and What Makes Your Heart Sing? in progress.

Contact The Baum Group/Dr. Rae and Associates by eMail, or call

Phone & Fax 412-441-7650

Feel free to send this page to your colleagues, family and friends
because they will thank you, and we thrive on referrals.

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Your Stress Matters' Tip of the Week

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