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Your Inner Voice: Listen to Your Body

Dr. Rae Baum, Ph.D.



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Who am I? and What do I want? are questions that have been asked through the ages. Looking for, listening to and heeding the inner voice is currently being explored in every aspect of life.

The search for self and purpose is as paramount to stress management, effective living and learning as is the integration of the mind and the body.

How often have you being faced with making a decision and your mind sent you one message, and your body sent you another? A lack of mind-body integration may be a cause of this often encountered phenomena.

As we all know, the mind and the body interact and influence each other. What you think and do affects how you feel, and how you feel affects what you think and do. This interaction though, is limited to the conscious aspect of your life. On a deeper level, on the unconscious level, both your thinking and feeling are affected by energy factors in your body. Every unresolved issue produces stress, a body response, and possibly tension. Every tension is an energy block in your body. Every energy block is an unconscious attitude that suppresses your sense of self.

Bioenergetic Analysis is a way of regaining your sense of self (who you are) and your purpose (what you want) by opening your energy blocks, and using your energy to live your life fully and spontaneously, with joy and grace.

According to Alexander Lowen, M.D. the founder of Bioenergetic Analysis and other Bioenergetic Analysts, every energy block decreases your sense of self. Dr. Lowen, and others, maintain that your body and your mind are functionally identical; that is, what goes on in your mind affects what is happening in your body; and what goes on in your body reflects what is happening in your mind.

Knowing yourself and your purpose comes from opening your energy blocks and releasing the feelings locked up in your energy blocks.

Energy blocks can be opened by breath, movement and voice. Once opened, letting go of your energy blocks, surrendering to life and releasing the perceptions that are found in your energy blocks are elements of this process.

Listening to, and heeding your inner voice, then, begins and ends with you being in your body. The process is one of you getting in touch with, and staying in touch with your body moment to moment without any expectations or judgment. One way is to stay in the here-and-now by looking at yourself in the mirror, again without any expectation or judgment.

The process continues by focusing on the love energy that is in the universe, and bringing this love energy to you. Forgiving yourself and others; and loving yourself and others.

Whatever is in your life you have created. You can create anything you want by being in your body, and focusing on what you want.

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