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What is your stress temperature?

Take your complimentary stress temperature; find your stressors; get your stress profile; then visit your business and personal stress resource options at Your Stress Matters

Yes No
Do you prefer to do everything yourself rather than let people help you?
Is there only one right way to do things?
Do you find it hard to make decisions?
Do you forget to laugh?
Do you have time to daydream?
Is it important to you that everyone likes you?
Does it ruin your day when little things go wrong?
Do you constantly feel exhausted?
Do you have problems sleeping?
Do you grind your teeth?
In the past year have you had three or more symptoms that could have been triggered by stress -- headaches, diarrhea, colds, flu?
Do you dislike when the plan changes?
Do you get upset when you have to wait in line?
Are you easily bored?
Do you find it hard to say no?
Do you dislike the shape of your body and cannot seem to do anything about changing it?
Does your life feel out of control?
Are you resentful when demands are made on your time?
Have you lost your job, changes jobs, moved, broken up with a relationship, lost a parent, or gone through any big changes in the past year?
Was the last time you took a vacation over a year ago?

Your Score

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Count one point for each "yes".   The closer your total is to 20, the higher your stress temperature.   If your stress temperature is 10 or above find a personal trainer.

Be sure you do something because, with this level of stress in your life, you have a higher risk of getting sick unless you learn to manage your stress.

(Revised from Shape Magazine, April 1992 edition)

Stress is a Choice
Locate the Cause of Your Stress
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Stress Tracker

evaluation of your stress reactions

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