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Look for cause

For natural stress relief before your stress
becomes distress or eustress you must
look for cause.

BEAN is one way to find the cause
of your stress.

Stressors are tools
on how-to deal with stress issues

With this StressTracker you are able
to locate the stressors, the cause of your stress.

Use your Stress Tracker to see where your stress indicators/reactions (symptoms) are coming from and how you are managing them.  The personal stress tracker you create helps you manage and overcome your stress reactions before they become distress and eustress.

Your Stress Tracker also helps you...
Deal with stressors (causes) you are aware of
Identify stressors (causes) you are unaware of
Set personal well-being goals

The shared information is educational intended for your general knowledge.
You must seek prompt medical attention for any specific health conditions.

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with awareness, and purpose!

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