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The Baum Group is pleased to offer these testimonials on Associate Programs (B-to-B Partners) we represent.  Click here for more.  Since 1972, we have been helping businesses, families and individuals, and have met very valuable professional resource people.  With this testimonial page, we acknowledge and share with you our appreciation, their names, web site, and area of expertise.  Be sure to visit them, and tell them that The Baum Group sent you.

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bioLight Group formerly Ott bioLIGHTSYSTEMS Inc.
"The radiation-shielded, full spectrum fluorescent lights were installed in July 1991.  At first I was very skeptical about the initial request of installing a full spectrum light system, however, when the lights were installed I noticed within a brief period of time (approximately seven days) that the atmosphere was calmer at Riverside School.  I feel the full spectrum lights are very beneficial and would like to have them installed in all of the classrooms." Patricia W. DeOria, Director of Riverside School.  Richmond, Virginia USA

"The lights were installed only in the Police Dispatch area due to redesign of our floor plan.  The Fire Department portion of the room retained the standard fluorescent lights and the difference was dramatic.  The employees doing data entry under the old lights complained of headaches and eyestrain and after several days off some of them returned to work under the bioLIGHTS in the police dispatching section of the room.  When I inquired as to what they thought of the lights, they stated that they loved them and had thrown their aspirin bottles away."  Sgt. Barry A. Bales, City of Dayton Police Department.  Dayton, Ohio USA

"There are no windows in my corner office and in the first five months of 1989 I had used up all of my sick days earned during my previous ten years at the College.  My medical doctor diagnosed depression as one of my medical problems which may have resulted from my adverse reaction to medication injected for my allergies, from exposure to the VDT's and/or from lack of ultra-violet light.  Two 4' full spectrum bioLIGHTUBES™ were installed over my work area with the approval of William Paterson College's Medical Doctor.  Since that time I have not missed any work days due to illness.  I feel more optimistic and energetic working under these lights and I can spend many hours at my VDT without fatigue, many times working through my lunch hour to finish a project that is urgently needed.  I am looking forward to the day when all of our public buildings are illuminated with bioLIGHTS."  Hilda Zahn Spagna, Data Processing Analyst, William Paterson College of New Jersey, USA

"I feel very happy.  Got more energy and my immune system is stronger!"  Walter Birke, Las Vegas, Nevada USA

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Dr. Rae's Shopping Network
Start earning extra money here by helping others make their presence known on the 'Net with a web page within this Shopping Network!  The Baum Group

"Looks good!"  Mark O'Brien, Affiliate Manager,

Internet Marketing Center
"...we received a note from Corey Rudl (prior to his untimely dealth) whom we have been associated with for many years.  Corey...had many very successful online businesses.   In fact, one of his most popular successes was the book "Car Secrets Revealed" ...with his unique promotional techniques online, he made it the #1 best selling car book on the internet...all within a few months!  He specialized in very unique and powerful internet marketing ideas and techniques.

If you are considering starting a business on the Internet or already own one, you'll want to view this web site that gets over 2 million visitors every year, does over 2.6 million dollars in sales online every year...and personally made hundreds of thousands of dollars from his online business...all from his one small office.   He made a fortune online and he developed this website that REVEALS all his tips, tricks and techniques for starting a business on the internet and making a fortune.

For everything you ever wanted to know about starting a business online...or if you already have a business online, exactly how to promote it to make a fortune on the internet click here!

Check it out, there is lots of information and tips.  You will be impressed.


Dr. Rae for The Baum Group, Business Consultants, Your Stress Matters : Products and Services

Marketing Mastery
Start Learning in Minutes!  Downloadable Special Reports on Marketing & Writing by Marcia Yudkin - "In a world of increasing communications and information glare, it is so refreshing to find someone who can boil critical and useful facts down into the most salient points and in the clearest language.  At the same time, Marcia Yudkin's writing and marketing how-to materials help the reader discover a virtual supermarket of profitable, do-able ideas with the related resources they need just waiting for them.  To me, 'Yudkin' means 'YOU CAN!'" - Guy LeSage, Silicon Valley (CA) contract marketing and technical writer

"Even the finest writers get writers' block.  Marcia Yudkin's report is a practical, clearly-written, sensible solution that really helped me.  It's not a twelve-step program, not 'take two aspirins and call me in the morning.'  It just got me back to the computer keyboard, typing away." - Wendy R. Leibowitz, Legal Technology Columnist

"We have been following Marcia Yudkin's work for many years and feel fortunate in joining with her to present her Special Reports on Marketing & Writing for your consideration.  Click here Marketing Mastery for details." - The Baum Group/Dr. Rae and Associates

Site Build It!
What is Site Build It?  Site Build It! is a suite of tools that enables you to build an affiliate business without knowing all the technical stuff.  It takes you by the hand and shows you how to create a successful affiliate business.  (It's not only for affiliate sites, but that's a good use for it.)  It helps you research and brainstorm a topic, and helps you choose PROFITABLE keywords - ones with high demand and low supply.  Then, even if you don't know any HTML, at the push of a button it builds web pages for you - all you have to do is write the articles, on topics in which you're interested.  Next, you click the "Analyze It" button and it shows you how to improve the page so that it will be found in search engines.  You don't even have to submit the site to search engines.  It does all that, too, in a search engine-friendly way.  There's a whole lot more to it, but that's the essence.

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