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This "wish list" web page began as the result of requests made by eight wonderful grandchildren, and YOU.

Thank you...


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If you have a special gift you want to receive, here is the place where you can let your family and friends know what you want.

Just make-a-wish and eMail it to The Baum Group and your wish will be posted on this page.  Then send this page to your family and friends...

Wish List
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Dr. Rae wants...
"Peace on Earth - Good Will to All!"
"A Cure for Cancer"
"10 New Clients"
"Bowflex TreadClimber TC3000"
"Burberry Scarf"
"Pentax Optio A20 10MP Digital Camera"
"Toshiba Laptop/Notebook" (updated version coming soon)
"White Jeep Liberty Sport 4x4"
[with sun/moon roof and leather interior]

Brian wants...
Amped - X Box"(received - thank you!)

         **** Coming Soon ****
           Additional Wishes

Saxon wants...
Lacoste Short-Sleeve Pique Polo"(received - thank you!)
"NBA Live 2002 - X Box"(received - thank you!)

         **** Coming Soon ****
           Additional Wishes

Melissa wants...
iPod Photo"(received another version- thank you!)

         **** Coming Soon ****
           Additional Wishes

Danika wants...
Apple PowerBook Notebook 15.2" M9676LL/A"(received - thank you!)
"Burberry Scarf"(received - thank you!)
"Juicy Couture Charm Bracelet"
"Vera Bradley Large Duffel [Color: Bermuda Blue or Bermuda Pink]"(received - thank you!)

         **** Coming Soon ****
           Additional Wishes

Jordana wants...
1776 (1969 Original Broadway Cast) [CAST RECORDING]"

         **** Coming Soon ****
           Additional Wishes

Keaton wants...
Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) [DVD]"(received - thank you!)

         **** Coming Soon ****
           Additional Wishes

Mia wants...
"Webkinz Penguin"
"Webkinz Chihuahua"
"Webkinz Black And White Panda Plush"(received - thank you!)
"Webkinz Pink Stripe Polo Shirt"
"Webkinz Polka Dot Hoody"
"Webkinz Charm Bracelet"
"Webkinz Elephant Charm"

         **** Coming Soon ****
           Additional Wishes

Rivie wants...
"Peace in Israel"
"A wonderful and exciting job"
"To hug and kiss my Aunt Rae"

**** Coming Soon ****
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Once your wish is posted, be sure to eMail this page URL address to your family and friends so that they know what it is you want and are wishing for.

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Happy Shopping!

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